The world economy is getting “flatter”, the concept of “global supply chain” is becoming more and more popular. Businesses are constantly challenged to improve the quality, efficiency and safety of their operations. Especially when e-commerce and online ordering gradually become common buying behavior of customers.

To achieve high performance, continue to retain customers and continuously grow, businesses often focus on increasing production which leads to the increase of the moving products and materials needed.  This can have an impact on the overall production process, so businesses always need to optimize their operations to meet the increased demand for transporting products and materials while still ensuring safety.

Yale Forklifts introduces TOW TRACTOR series – New solutions for efficient warehouse operations in the rapidly increasing trend of today’s need to move products and materials. This article will provide information so that you can answer the question: “Can a tow tractor improve your operational efficiency?”

What is a tow tractor?

The tow tractor is one of the essential operating equipment in the warehouse. They are designed to tow vehicles, equipment, materials or goods behind. Tow tractors are capable of towing multiple trailers at once like a train.

Tow tractors are capable of towing multiple trailers at once like a train

Different types of electric tow tractors with distinct capacities and specifications to provide for a variety of complex needs. But most electric tow tractors are designed to travel long distances with medium to large capacities. Tow tractors are comfortable and easy to operate equipment that simplifies the movement of materials, equipment, vehicles and goods, contributing to improving warehouse operational efficiency.

What are the types of electric tow tractors?

Electric tow tractors usually use a DC electric motor that draws energy from the battery and can be recharged. These vehicles usually have a maximum speed of less than 30km/h and their towing capacity ranges from 02 to 07 tons. However, there are some special electric tow tractors with towing capacity up to 40 tons.

Electric tow tractors are designed for indoor use because they do not emit exhaust fumes. They are classified according to the driver’s driving position: pedestrian tow tractor, stand on tow tractor, seated tow tractor.

Electric tow tractors are designed for indoor use because they do not emit exhaust fumes

Tow tractors are specially designed for picking and transporting goods in warehouses. This vehicle has the ability to accelerate smoothly, contributing to increased worker productivity as well as streamlining the operation process in the warehouse.

What is the application of electric tow tractors?

Tow tractors are designed for stable mobility on hard floors and even uneven surfaces, so they are the perfect solution for transporting equipment, goods, and materials effectively on the ground.

Tractors are often used to tow trailers and wagons outside of the warehouse, factories,… Because warehouses and factories are often very large and full of goods and equipment, it will make transportation easier and more efficient.

Some equipment, materials or goods are too large and too heavy to carry, creating difficulties in transportation. Electric tow tractors make transportation easier, thereby helping workers move goods and equipment more easily.

Tow tractors are ideal for increasing the efficiency of factory and warehouse operations

Tow tractors are ideal for increasing the efficiency of factory and warehouse operations. For example, a factory which has a production process divided into different factory subdivisions; Large warehouses require horizontal movement of goods over long distances.

Electric tow tractors are also suitable for businesses specializing in packing, classifying and transporting goods for aviation, logistics, etc.

Does your warehouse operation need to use an electric tow tractor?

To find out whether your warehouse operation requires an electric tow tractor or not, you can answer the following questions yourself to make a decision;

Warehouse specialized in handling, shipping finished products instead of pallets?

In manufacturing operations which are divided into many stages and rotated through many different workshops. Especially in the e-commerce business, where single items are selected for the end user and sorted within a short period of time, efficient solutions are needed to move products.

Electric tow tractors are the ultimate solution for handling single items

Electric tow tractors are a good alternative to traditional forklifts for handling single items, products of each stage. This series is safe, easy to maneuver and perfect for transporting products of each stage and selecting single items.

Does the warehouse move multiple loads at once?

Tow tractors can move multiple trailers at once like a train which offers flexibility in the types of goods, as well as increasing the amount of goods you can transport. There are many types of trailers that you can choose to combine with electric tow tractors. This way you can handle different load sizes, load from one or both sides, and move goods across pallets, etc. to effectively use human resources and carry out tasks with maximum efficiency.

A solution that is truly safe and comfortable for the operator?

Using an electric tow tractor, the operator has a better view and is not affected by the mast. This tow tractor series restricts reverse transportation, only moving forward, in contrast to forklifts that often have to reverse, making visibility more limited.

When your operations are concentrated in busy cargo areas, complex racking systems, visibility and safety are important. In addition, the electric tow tractor provides the operator with a comfortable working space for a very long time.

If the answer is “YES” to any of the above questions, then a tow tractor is the solution to make operating your warehouse, factory, etc. more efficient and safer.

Outstanding electric tow tractors at Yale Forklifts Vietnam

The Yale Forklifts brand responds to the needs of its customers with a series of electric tow tractors that focus on simplicity, ease of use, and ergonomics designed for comfort while also delivering impressive performance.

Below are the electric towing tractors that are being distributed by Yale Forklifts Vietnam:

– Yale MT30UX tow tractor: towing capacity 03 tons

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– Yale MT30XUX tow tractor: towing capacity 03 tons

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– Yale Yale MTR005-007F tow tractor: towing capacity 4,5 – 6,8 tons

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– Yale Yale M050-70T tow tractor: towing capacity 05 – 07 tons

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– Yale Yale MT60UX tow tractor: towing capacity 06 tons

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Above is Yale Forklifts Vietnam’s tow tractor solution to customers about optimizing operational efficiency for warehouses and factories. Hope to bring a lot of useful information to customers. If you need any more information or support, please leave your information below or contact Hotline: 0896.461.728. Yale Forklifts Vietnam is very pleased to serve!

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