Along with the strong economic development is the increasing demand for transporting and handling goods by forklift. Since then, the demand for human resources capable of operating forklifts has also increased.

With the desire to help forklift operators work more professionally and efficiently, Yale Forklifts Vietnam has cooperated with Binh Duong Vocational College to provide forklift operator training – operating certification. Below are the details of our courses.

1. The objective of forklift operator training course – granting operator certificate at Yale Forklifts Vietnam?

The forklift operator training course from Yale Forklifts Vietnam is not only aimed at providing basic forklift driving knowledge and skills, we also want to bring more value to students and businesses as:

– Ensure efficiency in work: Operate a wide range of forklifts proficiently, taking full advantage of the truck’s capabilities to handle and complete tasks in the most efficient, time-saving way.

– Ensure safety, reduce risk: Operate the forklift properly, be aware of the dangers and incidents that may arise to operate the truck more carefully, thereby minimizing human injuries and goods damage.

Yale Forklifts Vietnam providing the forklift operation training

2. The content of  forklift operator training course – granting operator certificate at Yale Forklifts Vietnam

Forklift operation course provided by Yale Forklifts Vietnam consists of two main parts: theory and practice which are divided into many lessons.

During the course, a re-evaluation of the student knowledge acquisition’s level will be carried out regularly, so that the lecturer can adjust the curriculum to suit each group of students.

Below is the content of the forklift operator training course conducted by Yale Forklifts Vietnam, which students and businesses can refer to for more information:


– Lesson 1: The working of the engine

– Lesson 2: Supply system of the engine

– Lesson 3: Lubrication system

– Lesson 4: Cooling system

– Lesson 5: Oil tanks and spare parts

– Test

– Lesson 6: Hydraulic pump

– Lesson 7: Components of cylinder, piston

– Lesson 8: Forklift drive system

– Lesson 9: Batteries

– Test

– Lesson 10: Electrical equipment on the engine

– Lesson 11: Forklifts introduction

– Lesson 12: How to operate a forklift?

– Lesson 13: Safety principles and accidents from forklifts

– Test



– Lesson 1: Basic driving techniques

– Lesson 2: Fork control technique

– Lesson 3: Lifting techniques in a narrow aisles

– Lesson 4: Forklift maintenance

– Test

3. How valuable is the forklift operator certificate of the training course and which unit is it issued by

Yale Forklifts Vietnam cooperates with Binh Duong Vocational School to organize a training course “Forklift operation and granting certification of forklift operation”

After completing the course, students will take a competency assessment test and receive a forklift operator certificate if they meet the requirements.

According to the provisions of Vietnamese law, a forklift operator certificate is only valid when it is issued by a forklift operator training unit licensed by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs. Accordingly, our forklift operating certificate and Binh Duong Vocational College are also approved by the Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs.


National Forklift Driver’s Certificate

The issued certificate is the Forklift Driver’s Certificate which is valid nationwide. Students can use this vocational certificate to start work as a forklift operator in a warehouse.

If you want to organize a class to train new employees or a freelance student who wants to register for a forklift operation and receive a training certificate, you can leave your contact information below or contact Hotline: 0896.461.728 for more information and registration.

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