Are you wondering whether or not to invest in a Yale FB15-35RZ electric forklift? In this article, we will explore the advantages of this forklift and whether it’s truly worth the investment. If you have the same question, this article will help provide answers.

1. Yale FB15-35RZ specifications: 

Yale Lift Truck Technologies is one of the prominent and reputable brands in the manufacturing and supply of forklifts. One of the highly regarded products from Yale is the Yale FB15-35RZ electric forklift.

The Yale FB15-35RZ forklift is an electric-powered model. The specific technical specifications of the forklift are as follows:

– Origin: Japan

– Load Capacity: 1.5 – 3.5 tons

– Lifting Height: 3000-6000mm

– Battery type: Lithium-Ion, Lead Acid


Yale FB15-35RZ electric forklift

2. Advantages of the Yale FB15-35RZ forklift

– Performance and Energy Efficiency: The Yale FB15-35RZ forklift operates on electric power, which helps save fuel and reduce emissions. This not only benefits the environment but also lowers operational costs (compare to the operational cost when using a diesel forklift.

– Ease of Operation and Control: Yale FB15-35RZ designs forklifts with a focus on operator comfort. This includes spacious cabins, comfortable seats, and user-friendly control layouts, enhancing productivity and reducing fatigue for the operator.

– Flexibility and Variety: The Yale FB15-35RZ forklift range offers various load capacity options, ranging from 1,500 kg to 3,500 kg, making it suitable for various types of warehouse applications. It can also operate in diverse environments, including dry storage, cool storage and cold storage.

– Easy Maintenance: Yale FB15-35RZ are typically designed for easy maintenance and convenient component replacement. This helps reduce machine downtime and maintenance costs.

Thiết kế công thái học giúp thoải mái cho người vận hành

Human-centric design enhances comfort for operators

3. Where to buy a reputable Yale FB15-35RZ  electric forklift?

With its outstanding features, the Yale FB15-35RZ is one of the electric forklift series which is trusted by many businesses. However, the question “Where to buy a reliable Yale FB15-35RZ electric forklift?” is always a concern for those whose interested in this type of material handling equipment. If you are also seeking for an answer to this question, Yale Forklifts Vietnam is the suitable solution for you.

Yale Forklifts Vietnam - Địa chỉ uy tín cung cấp xe nâng Yale FB15-35RZ

Yale Forklifts Vietnam – Reliable supplier to purchase electric forklift Yale FB15-35RZ

Yale Forklifts Vietnam is a dealer who provide high-quality and reputable forklifts from Yale Lift Truck Technologies brand. Among them, the Yale FB15-35RZ series stands out with the following features:

– The quality of these forklifts is always ensured because Yale Forklifts Vietnam is the exclusive distributor of Yale Lift Truck Technologies in Vietnam.

– Yale Forklifts Vietnam always has genuine, high-quality replacement parts available in stock.

– Always serve customer with an experience sales and technician team.

– Comprehensive warranty coverage is provided.

– Yale Forklifts Vietnam has 3 branches and showroom across all three regions such as: Ha Noi, Binh Dinh and Ho Chi Minh City which make it easy for customers to contact, site survey and test the forklift.

Yale FB15-35RZ is undoubtedly a reliable choice for businesses in need of electric forklifts. If customer are interested in forklifts or electric forklift, please contact Yale Forklifts Vietnam via hotline 0896.461.728 for the most dedicated advice and support!

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