With the continuous development of manufacturing industries, the demand for finding and using forklift rental services is increasing day by day. As a pioneer in the forklift industry, Yale Forklifts Vietnam always strives to bring customers the most optimal and sustainable solutions. Outstanding as a quality forklift rental service that not only ensures work efficiency but is also extremely safe and economical. Below are the details of our forklift rental service.

1. Why should you choose a forklift rental service from the Yale Forklifts Vietnam brand?

Forklift rental service from Yale Forklifts Vietnam brand is currently being interested and chosen by many businesses thanks to the following characteristics:

Long-term brand, quality assurance:

Yale Forklifts is one of the first forklift manufacturers in the world, with a history of production and business for more than 147 years. With a team of experienced, professional and dedicated staff, we always aim to constantly innovate and optimize products to bring the best forklift solutions to customers.

Product diversification:

We are always proud to be able to provide diverse and optimal forklift solutions for all customer needs from single forklifts to a forklift fleet, suitable for complex warehouse systems. and operational automation solutions. From small to large capacity. From low to high reach forklift. Yale Forklifts Vietnam always ensure to provide customers with the most appropriate and effective solution.

Yale Forklifts Vietnam forklift rental service

Yale Forklifts Vietnam forklift rental service

Provide full package service:

Simply with a fixed monthly fee, customers will receive a full package of forklift rental service. Once we have agreed on the demand, rental period, combined inspection schedule and availability of spare parts, we will take responsibility for the entire process and ensure the truck is always in good working condition even during peak season. Yale Forklifts Vietnam commits that in addition to the forklift rental price, there will not be any additional costs.


Full package forklift rental service without extra expense

Full package forklift rental service without extra expense


Flexible in terms of time:

Our forklift rental service, in addition to meeting the needs of a fixed forklift rental from 2 to 5 years, can still be flexible about the rental terminal date.

24/7 support service:

Our service hotline is always ready to support customers continuously operating day or night, including holidays. In particular, we always ensure immediate service response when receiving requests from customers.

2. Forklift rental service from Yale Forklifts Vietnam is suitable for which customers?

Forklift rental is a service that many businesses are interested in. Because of the diversity and flexibility of solutions, bringing high work efficiency, with a fixed cost that is always within the customer’s budget. Forklift rental service is extremely suitable for businesses such as:

– The business has the purpose of using the forklift intermittently.

– Businesses do not have the budget to invest in buying forklifts.

– Businesses need to mobilize a large number of forklifts in a short time.

– Enterprises want to save budget costs for forklift maintenance and repair.

– Businesses that are considering and do not know which supplier to choose to make purchasing decisions, can also use forklift rental services as a way to check the quality and operating performance of forklifts before buying.

– …

If you are the above company types, and need to rent a forklift to meet the operating needs of your business, please contact Hotline: 0896.461.728 for the most dedicated and professional support!

3. Type of forklift that can be rented at Yale Forklifts Vietnam?

Most of Yale Forklifts Vietnam’s forklifts have a rental service, but depending on the production time of each truck, the forklift rental program may change, for more details, please contact Hotline: 0896.461.728 for accurate information.

Below is the common forklift series which is always be provided rental service at Yale Forklifts Vietnam:

– Combustion counterbalanced forklift (diesel, petrol, gas)

– Electric forklifts

– Reach trucks

– Stackers


Type of forklift that can be rented at Yale Forklifts Vietnam

Type of forklift that can be rented at Yale Forklifts Vietnam

4. Forklift rental process at Yale Forklifts Vietnam? 

Step 1: Receive information

Customers that have demanded to rent a forklift at Yale Forklifts Vietnam can contact us for advice immediately via Hotline 0896.461.728 or via email A consultant from Yale Forklifts Vietnam will take note of your request and forward it to the relevant department. At the same time, we will provide a company profile and product catalog for your reference.

Step 2: Site survey and offer solution: 

After determining the customer’s inquiry, the company’s staff will go to the customer’s site to survey the characteristics of the workspace, the quantity of goods, and the intensity of the work. Then, we will suggest a reasonable solution for you.

Step 3: Send quotation – Negotiation – Contract sign:

Once the offered solution has been agreed, Yale Forklifts Vietnam will send a detailed quotation for each specific item, if the customer agrees, the contract will be signed.

Step 4: Delivery rental forklift 

As stated in the contract, Yale Forklifts Vietnam will deliver the trucks to the location requested by the Customer. Especially, there will be technical staff to teach customers how to operate the forklift safely and properly.

Step 5: Receive service reviews from customers:

Above is detailed information about forklift rental service at Yale Forklifts Vietnam. Customers who need more information about forklift rental service at Yale Forklifts Vietnam, please leave your contact information below or contact Hotline: 0896.461.728 to receive the most dedicated support!

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