Forklifts or material handling equipment have an important role in the supply chain, especially in daily operation at transport warehouses, manufacturing factories, … If the operator does not fully understand how to operate correctly, maintain properly, There are unexpected situations, accidents in operation, which would be worse involving human or other safety standards. Therefore, forklift operators, and certain personnel in charge of forklift-related duties, need to receive forklift safety training to ensure safe operation.

1. Objectives of the forklift safety training program at Yale Forklifts Vietnam

Similar to other types of motor vehicles, forklift truck operation also has potential risks and unforeseen incidents that make operators vulnerable to danger. On the other hand, not all operators deeply understand how to operate a forklift properly and safely.

Therefore, the specialized training course on forklift safety operation from Yale Forklifts Vietnam was born of the desire to provide the operators with comprehensive knowledge of occupational safety and proper forklift operation skills. To ensure safety, avoid risks and accidents in the process of using forklifts, thereby helping businesses operate more efficiently.

2. Contents of the training program on safety forklift operation at Yale Forklifts Vietnam

When participating in the safety forklift operation training program at Yale Forklifts, operators and personnel performing forklift-related tasks will receive the following training:

– Structure, operating principles, uses of the structures and parts of forklifts that they operate

– Technical requirements, inspection methods and technical care of important parts and assemblies of forklift trucks.

– Technical documents of forklifts that they manage.

– Safety forklift operating procedures

– Problems and accidents that may occur in forklift operation and how to repair it.

– Some current regulations on forklift management.

This forklift safety training program is offered at no cost to Customers who purchase or lease a Yale Forklifts forklift. Customers who have an inquiry to attend this training program, please contact Hotline: 0896.461.728 for more information and registration to attend.

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