Repair and maintenance service at Yale Forklifts Vietnam was born of the desire to meet the needs of individuals and businesses for repair, maintenance, and replacement of genuine parts which provide a long service life and optimum truck performance.

1. Why should you choose the repair service, performance maintenance,  and forklift spare parts supply at Yale Forklifts Vietnam?

Yale Forklifts Vietnam is always proud to be a reputable and high quality supplier of repair services, performance maintenance thanks to the following elements:

Well-experienced technicians

With more than 147 years of experience in the material handling equipment industry, Yale Forklifts is always appreciated by customers thanks to a highly qualified and experienced engineers team. All technicians in charge of repair and maintenance at Yale Forklifts Vietnam, have undergone intensive training courses from the company’s experts.


A team of highly qualified and experienced engineers

Provide genuine replacement parts

Our goal is to ensure that customer’s forklifts always operate in an effective and stable way. Yale Forklifts Vietnam is committed to providing OEM, high-quality and right spare parts.

Quick response

Yale Forklifts Vietnam understands that customers always want to receive the fastest response when they need advice or an unexpected problem occurs. Therefore, our repair and maintenance service hotline is always ready to support customers 24/7, including holidays and New Year’s holidays. On the other hand, when receiving a customer’s request which is impossible to provide remote technical guidance, Yale Forklifts Vietnam technicians will be at the site in just 4 – 6 hours (depending on the distance)

2. Forklift brands which Yale Forklifts Vietnam provides repair service – performance maintenance – forklift spare parts supply?

One of the factors that makes Yale Forklifts Vietnam’s repair and maintenance service is trusted by many businesses thanks to its appropriate repair, replacement options and the ability to supply all kinds of spare parts. genuine for many brands, regardless of the type of equipment, spare parts are hard to find.

With a deep understanding of forklift design and engineering, as well as constantly learning and updating knowledge about many different forklift brands, the technician team of Yale Forklifts Vietnam is always highly appreciated by our customers.

Therefore, we can provide repair and maintenance services for many forklift brands such as: Yale, Komatsu, Linde, Jungheinrich, Mitsubishi, Nissan, TCM, Hyster, Toyota…

Yale Forklifts Vietnam can provide repair and maintenance servicing for a variety of forklift brands.

3. Repair service – performance maintenance – forklift spare parts supply procedure at Yale Forklifts Vietnam

Maintenance and repair services are performed periodically, proactively and free of charge by Yale Forklifts Vietnam during the Yale forklift warranty period. After the warranty period, maintenance services are performed by Yale Forklifts Vietnam under the service agreement.

Repair service – performance maintenance – forklift spare parts supply is followed by a procedure to bring synchronous service quality.

With each different forklift model, there will be different maintenance  techniques and procedures. In this article, Yale Forklifts Vietnam would like to share about “The procedure of performing forklift repair services at Yale Forklifts Vietnam”.

Below is the procedure of performing repair services at Yale Forklifts Vietnam that you can refer to:

Step 1: Receive information:

Customers that have any inquiry to repair forklifts at Yale Forklifts Vietnam can contact us via Hotline 0896.461.728 or email Our consultants will contact you to collect some information about maintenance, damaged symptoms of the truck then sending your request to the relevant department.

Step 2: Check and assess the actual condition of the forklift:

Based on the requirements and information provided by the customer, our technician will come to the site to directly check and assess the forklift’s condition.

Step 3: Consulting plan and sending quotes

After identifying the specific problem of the truck, the technician will be the one to directly advise and explain to the customer about the cause of the damage, remedial measures, estimated cost and implementation time. After the two parties have finalized the plan, our staff will send an official quote. If the customer agrees with that, then we will sign the contract.

Step 4: Service implementation

Based on the contract agreement time, technicians of Yale Forklifts Vietnam will come to the site to repair and maintain the customer’s forklift.

Step 5: Inspection and acceptance

Technical staff will check the truck again before delivering it to the customer according to criteria such as ensuring that the customer’s requirements are met according to the quotation, ensuring that the features and condition of the interior and exterior of the customer’s truck are completely the same when the customer hands over the truck.

Step 6: Record customer reviews and after-sales policies

4. Commonly spare parts list which is provided at Yale Forklifts Vietnam

Most of the popular forklift parts are stocked by Yale Forklifts Vietnam and quickly supplied to customers’ needs.

Spare parts lists include:

– Battery & Accessories

– Tyres / Wheels / RIMs

– Attachments

– Light

– Safety Features

– Other

Yale Forklifts Vietnam can list some spare parts that are trusted and purchased by many customers at Yale Forklifts Vietnam:

– TAB battery

– Hawker battery

– Battery Charger

– Battery Connector

– Trelleborg tyres

– Siam / PIO tyres


– Wheels

– Sideshift

– Forks

– Push-pull

– Blue light

– Red light

– Amber strobe light

– Front working light

– Rear turn, Stop, Brake & Reverse light

– Camera

– Speed limit

– Pedestrian Avoidance System

– Hand Pallet Jack

– Press tyres machine

Above is information about repair service, perfomance maintenance and replacement of forklift spare parts at Yale Forklifts Vietnam. Customers who have inquiries, please leave your information below or contact Hotline 0896.461.728 for dedicated support!

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