The challenges of transportation and logistics in today’s world demand a blend of reliable performance and cost efficiency. The Yale GP50-70UX6 diesel forklift series encompasses the essential elements to meet these requirements.

Designed with reliable performance and cost efficiency in mind, this series is a solid choice for any business, all backed by the reputable name of Yale Lift Truck Technologies.

Join Yale Forklifts Vietnam in exploring the harmony between performance and cost in the Yale GP50-70UX6 diesel forkliftseries through the following article:


The Yale GP50-70UX6 Diesel powered forklift offers a perfect combination of performance and cost efficiency.

General specifications:

– Load capacity: 5 tons, 6 tons, 7 tons

– Lifting height: 3000 – 6500mm

– Fuel: Diesel/Gasoline/Petrol


1. Easy operation: Simple yet effective

The Yale GP50-70UX6 diesel forklift is designed with a car-like operating space, creating comfortable working conditions for the operator.

This design has established familiarity and convenience for the driver. A range of features and standard options allow the vehicle to be customized to suit the requirements of specific applications.

 The Yale GP50-70UX6 diesel forklift is simple yet effective.

The Yale GP50-70UX6 diesel forklift is simple yet effective.

2. Cost ownership optimization: Savings in every aspect

Choosing a forklift model always needs to be based on its potential for cost ownership optimization. A forklift is a long-term investment; therefore, ownership costs constitute a significant portion that needs thorough consideration.

The Yale GP50-70UX6 diesel forklift series utilizes high-quality components and robust design with efficient cooling to ensure reliable operations and minimize wear and tear. The ability for quick component replacement and affordability helps minimize maintenance requirements and costs.The Yale GP50-70UX6 diesel forklift starts saving right from its design orientation.

The Yale GP50-70UX6 diesel forklift starts saving right from its design orientation.

3. Easy servicing and maintenance: Keep vehicles operating stronglyThe Yale GP50-70UX6 forklift series is designed for easy maintenance and repair, helping to minimize downtime and ensure readiness when you need it.

Access to maintenance and servicing is straightforward, facilitating swift and convenient maintenance processes. No computer diagnosis is required, simplifying maintenance, servicing, and issue resolution.

The Yale GP50-70UX6 diesel forklift maximizes operational time.

4. Safety and stability: Enhance safety in every task

Safety is always paramount, and the Yale GP50-70UX6 prioritizes it without exception. Its wide mast design minimizes blind spots, providing better visibility for operators during operation. The handbrake is easy to operate, ensuring safety and comfort throughout the operational process.

5. Suitable choice: Meeting all needs

The Yale GP50-70UX6 forklift series is not just a simple cargo transport vehicle; it’s designed to optimize performance and convenience.

With a range of options such as pneumatic tires, extended fork lengths, integrated side shift, rear LED work lights, reverse alarms, high air intakes with pre-cleaners, varying lift heights, and many other choices, you can customize the forklift to fit your specific requirements.

The Yale GP50-70UX6 diesel forklift series strikes a perfect balance between reliable performance, cost-effectiveness, and flexible customization. Supported by the reputable Yale brand, this series is an ideal choice to address the diverse transportation and logistics challenges in your business.

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