In the category of forklifts, the Reach Truck stands out as a versatile and flexible solution for lifting goods in modern industrial environments. Designed specifically with the ability to reach and lift in confined spaces, Reach Trucks have become a vital material handling equipment for optimizing transportation and warehouse management.

Join Yale Forklift Vietnam to learn an overview of reach trucks, their classification and applications in various fields in the article below:

Xe nâng reachtruck - phân loại và ứng dụng

Reach truck – classification and application

1. The advantages of reach trucks:

Reach Truck are often accompanied by the slogan “Improving performance and flexibility in transporting goods”. Why is that? Let’s learn about the outstanding advantages of reach trucks to explain the above slogan.

Reach Truck are known for their many outstanding advantages, and are an important tool in improving performance and flexibility in the process of transporting and managing goods. Below are some outstanding advantages of Reach Truck:

Save space:

Reach Truck is the optimal choice for lifting goods in high racking system warehouse. The ability to access and lift goods inside high shelf areas helps utilize storage space in the warehouse, optimizes area and facilitates smart arrangement of goods.

Flexibility in movement:

With the 180/360 degree rotation of the steering wheel, Reach Truck is easy to maneuver in tight spaces, nooks and crannies of the warehouse, ensuring flexibility and optimized operation.

Xe nâng reach truck Yale Forklifts linh hoạt trong di chuyển

Yale Forklifts reach truck is flexible in moving


Save time:

Reach Trucks help increase work productivity by improving efficiency in loading, unloading, picking and arranging goods from high shelves. This helps businesses save time and optimize workflow.


High safety:

Reach Truck are often equipped with safety features such as working lights, operator sensors in the driver’s seat or cabin, speed limits, and safety braking systems. This helps ensure the safety of the operator and goods during operation.


Technology integration:

Some modern Reach Truck models are equipped with intelligent control technology, helping to optimize the operating process and increase remote control capabilities.

Thanks to the above advantages, Reach Truck have become a popular choice in the logistics, distribution, and manufacturing industries. Yale Forklift Vietnam is proud to provide high quality Reach Truck series, ensuring to meet all customer needs and bring efficiency in the goods transportation process.


2. Classification and applications of reach truck:

Reach Truck, with their special design and flexible features, have become one of the important material handling equipments in industry and logistics. Classifying and understanding the applications of Reach Truck forklifts is important to choose the optimal solution for your freight transportation and lifting needs.

Classified by operating type:

Stand-on Reach Truck: This is a type of Reach Truck where the operator needs to stand in the correct cabin position to control. With significant lifting capabilities, they help take advantage of warehouse space and create scientific arrangements, saving aisle space. Depending on the working culture of each business, customer can choose the reach truck with stand-on type of operation

Seated Reach truck: For warehouses with high racking systems and 2-3 shifts working time, seated Reach Truck help reduce driver fatigue when operating multiple shifts continuously. Usually, seated reach trucks have a larger turning radius than stand-on reach trucks.Classification by load:

Reach Truck with small and medium capacities: This type is usually capable of lifting goods from 1 ton to 2.5 tons. Widely used in environments such as storage and distribution where there is a need to lift and transport goods with medium loads.

Reach Truck with large capacity: With the ability to lift goods up to 3 tons, Reach Truck with large capacity are often used for warehouses of beverages, food,…

Applications of Reach Truck:

Storage and distribution: Reach trucks are the top choice for loading and unloading goods, arranging and retrieving goods from high racking systems in the warehouse. Easy access to goods in high shelf areas helps make the most of storage space and optimize the distribution process.Manufacturing industry: In the manufacturing environment, Reach Truck assist in moving components and products on the line, from lifting and lowering loads to bringing goods to the required location. This helps increase efficiency and save time during the production process.

Working in narrow spaces: The Reach Truck’s flexible mobility, especially the 180/360 degree rotation of the steering wheel, makes it suitable for applications in narrow aisles between rows of shelves or especially areas with limited space.

Customers requiring high lifting heights: With the ability to lift to high shelves, the Reach Truck is suitable for industries that need to load and unload goods onto high racking systems.

Xe nâng reach truck có khả năng nâng hạ hàng hóa lên độ cao lên đến 14 mét

Reach truck is capable of lifting goods to a height of up to 14 meters

Reach Truck is not only diverse in classification but also offers flexible application solutions for many industries.

3. Where to buy quality, reasonable price reach truck:

In the increasingly competitive and diverse market of forklifts, Yale Forklift Vietnam has affirmed its position as a reliable and reputable partner in the field of supplying Reach Truck with the Yale Forklifts – American brand.

Yale Forklift Vietnam understands that each business has its own requirements for transporting and lifting goods. That’s why we’ve always focused on providing high-quality Reach Trucks that are tailored to each customer’s specific application. Flexibility in classification by operating type, load capacity and unique features enable us to meet all requirements from different industries.

Quality and safety are always at the forefront of all our products. Each Reach Truck distributed from Yale Forklift Vietnam is designed and manufactured to ensure compliance with American standards, helping customers feel secure in operating and lifting goods effectively and safely.

Not only a supplier, Yale Forklift Vietnam is also a partner accompanying customers in optimizing the transportation and management of goods. Our experienced technical team is always ready to assist customers from the selection process to after-sales maintenance service.

Không chỉ là nhà cung cấp, Xe nâng Yale Việt Nam còn là đối tác đồng hành cùng khách hàng

Not only a supplier, Yale Forklift Vietnam is also a partner to accompany customers

With a long-term vision and a commitment to constantly improving service quality, Yale Forklift Vietnam is proud to be a reliable company for all customer who has the demand to buy/rent Reach Truck.

For any requests for quotes and information support about reach trucks in particular and lifting equipment in general, please contact the Yale Forklift Vietnam team via Hotline: 0896.461.728 so we can have opportunity to serve you!

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