Forklifts are indispensable material handling equipments in the transportation and handling of goods, particularly within industries and warehouses. Currently, there are various types of forklifts, each catering to different needs and applications. Ky Luc, the exclusive distributor of Yale Lift Truck Technologies (USA forklift brand) in Vietnam, offers a diverse range of high-quality forklifts that are widely applied across multiple industrial sectors.

Let’s explore an overview of forklifts, their classification and applications across various fields in collaboration with Ky Luc – Yale Forklifts Vietnam through the following article:


1. Common types of forklifts

2. Applications of different forklift types

3. Address for purchasing quality forklifts at reasonable prices


Forklifts - Types and applications

Forklifts – Types and applications


1. Common types of  forklifts:

Forklifts are a crucial part in the transportation and lifting of goods in various industries. They are classified based on different criteria, including operation type, fuel usage, and load capacity. Below is a detailed classification based on these criteria:


1.1. Classification of forklifts by operation type:


Power Pallet Trucks:

Power pallet trucks, also known as electric pallet movers, are a pallet mover operated entirely by electric from the battery. The operator uses electrical energy to move and lift the goods. This power pallet truck is suitable for light applications where high precision is required during lifting.


Electric pallet trucks are suitable for light applications that do not put goods on high shelves

Electric pallet trucks are suitable for light applications that do not put goods on high shelves


Seated forklifts:

Seated forklifts are forklifts in which the operator sits inside a cabin, similar to driving a car. The cabin provides protection for the operator from external environmental factors and the risk which can be harmful when operated a forklift. Seated forklifts are often used for applications demanding flexibility and high efficiency.


Seated forklift for high performance and durability

Seated forklift for high performance and durability


Stand-on forklift:

Stand-on forklift is a type of forklift in which the operator stands in a position inside the cabin. This type of forklift is suitable for applications that require flexibility and good visibility.


1.2. Classification of forklifts by fuel used:

Forklifts, with their diverse range of fuel options, are categorized based on the energy source used for operation. Below is a detailed classification according to the criteria of fuel usage:

Electric Forklifts:

Electric forklifts operate using electrical energy as their power source. This type is suitable for applications such as indoor, cold storage, food storage and pharmaceutical warehouse. Electric forklifts from Yale Forklifts Vietnam are the top choice for clean and indoor working environments.


Yale Lift Truck Technologies Electric Forklift - Environmentally Friendly Application

Yale Lift Truck Technologies Electric Forklift – Environmentally friendly application


Internal Combusion Engine Forklifts (Diesel/Petrol/Gasoline):

Diesel/Petrol/Gasoline forklifts operate using Diesel/Petrol/Gasoline fuel. This type of forklift is commonly used in rugged industrial environments or outdoors. Diesel/Petrol/Gasoline forklifts from Yale Lift Trucks Vietnam ensure powerful and stable operation, meeting all lifting requirements.


1.3. Classification of forklifts by load capacity:
Forklifts, with the ability to lift and lower various types of goods, are classified based on the load capacity they can handle. Below is a detailed classification based on load capacity criteria:

Light-duty forklifts:

Light-duty forklifts are a type of vehicle capable of lifting and lowering light goods, typically with a load capacity of under 2 tons. They are suitable for enterprise whose needs transportation and handling of small-sized and lightweight goods.

Medium-duty forklifts:

Medium-duty forklifts are designed to handle goods with a load capacity ranging from 2 to 5 tons. This type of vehicle is suitable for applications involving the transportation of medium-sized goods and lifting and lowering in industrial environments.


Heavy-duty forklifts:

Heavy-duty forklifts are vehicles capable of lifting and lowering heavy goods, with a load capacity exceeding 5 tons. They are often used in heavy industries such as construction, ports, and the storage of large cargo.


Reach Truck:

In the category of forklifts, the Reach Truck stands out as a versatile and flexible solution for lifting and lowering goods in modern industrial environments. Specifically designed with the ability to access and lift in confined spaces, the Reach Truck has become an essential tool for optimizing the transportation and warehouse management processes.


Reach Trucks for specialized warehouse applications susch as high density and racking system

Reach Trucks for specialized warehouse applications susch as high density and racking system


One of the prominent features of the Reach Truck is its capability to lift and reach high racking levels. This enables maximum utilization of storage space within the warehouse, saving area and enhancing the efficient arrangement of goods.

The maneuverability in movement, coupled with the 180/360-degree rotation capability of the steering wheels, allows the Reach Truck to navigate easily in tight spaces, optimizing operations in narrow warehouse aisles. Additionally, Reach Trucks are often equipped with friction-resistant PU wheels, preventing slipping and enhancing safety during transportation.

With the ability to handle goods to high shelves and the flexibility in movement, the Reach Truck is widely used in industries such as storage, distribution, and manufacturing. From stacking and destacking goods in warehouses, organizing and retrieving items from shelves, to transporting within the production process, the Reach Truck brings efficiency and time savings to businesses.

Committed to quality and performance, Yale Forklifts Vietnam offers a range of high-quality Reach Truck models, ensuring they meet all customer needs in lifting and transporting goods.

Based on various criteria, customers can choose the appropriate type of forklift that suits their requirements and working conditions. Yale Forklifts Vietnam provides high-quality forklifts to meet diverse needs across different industries and applications.


2. Applications of different forklift types:

Depending on the type of handling, fuel used and weight, forklifts have different applications in different industries and working environments. Below are some examples of forklift applications:


Light-duty forklifts:

Used in retail stores to transport and lift light goods such as containers, cartons, cosmetic goods, etc.

Used in the food industry to transport food containers, bottles, etc.

Lifting and transporting inside the warehouse.

Medium-duty forklifts:

Used in warehouses and factories to transport and lift medium weight goods such as building materials, wooden crates, etc.

Used in the manufacturing industry to move parts and medium products.

Applications in logistics and warehouse management.

Heavy-duty forklifts:

Used in construction sites to lift heavy construction materials such as steel bars, bricks, concrete, etc.

Used in seaports for loading and unloading containers and transporting heavy goods.

Applications in heavy industry such as metal production, mining industry, etc.


Electric forklifts:

Use in indoor environments such as factories, supermarkets, cool storage, cold storage, pharmaceutical, food storage, etc.

Preferred in applications requiring high flexibility and safety, such as lifting goods in storage.

Goods handling applications in the workplace require low noise and no harmful emissions.

Internal Combusion Engine Forklifts (Diesel/Petrol/Gasoline):

Use in harsh industrial environments, outdoors.

Favored in applications requiring strong and stable operation, such as lifting goods in the construction industry, seaports, etc.

Each type of forklift has a distinct application based on the requirements of different jobs. Ky Luc – Yale Forklifts Vietnam is a supplier with more than 15 years of experience in the field of lifting equipment, believes that it will be the company that accompanies customers to choose a lifting equipment which suit their needs and applications.


3. Address for purchasing quality forklifts at reasonable prices:

In the competitive market of forklift supply, Ky Luc – Yale Forklifts Vietnam has built a strong brand with more than 15 years of experience in providing solutions for lifting equipment for businesses. We are proud to be a reliable address for all needs of Yale – American forklifts brand, with the mission of providing optimal, safe and effective handling solutions.

What sets Yale Forklifts Vietnam apart is the variety of forklifts we offer such as energy-saving electric forklifts, suitable for working environments requiring zero emissions, internal combustion engine forklifts (diesel/petrol/gas) serving in harsh industrial environments, we are here to meet all customer requirements.


Not only with top quality, Kỷ Lục – Yale Forklifts Vietnam also offers comprehensive service. An experienced technical team is always ready to assist customers from consulting the suitable forklift model, to delivery and after-sales service. We understand that forklift performance is critical to the day-to-day operations of your business, and as such we are committed to providing the highest levels of reliability and efficiency.


The experienced technical team of Yale Forklifts Vietnam

The experienced technical team of Yale Forklifts Vietnam


For all needs and support about forklifts in particular and material handling equipment in general, please contact Yale Forklifts Vietnam via Hotline: 0896.461.728 for the most dedicated service!

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