The forklift is considered the most widely used and highly regarded forklift type for lifting and handling heavy loads. It is recognized as the flagship product in the material handling industry for businesses. The Yale GC040-070VX  forklift, produced by Yale Lift Truck Technologies, is a highly popular forklift model. Let’s delve deeper into its features and advantages in the following article!



1. Specifications of the Yale GC040-070VX forklift

2. Outstanding features equipped on the Yale GC040-070VX forklift

3. Official and reputable address for supplying genuine Yale GC040-070VX forklifts


1. Specifications of the Yale GC040-070VX Forklift


Here are some notable technical specifications of the Yale GC040-070VX forklift:

– Load capacity: 1.8 – 3.2 tons

– Lifting height: 3000mm

– Travel speed: 16-17km/h

– Average width: 1242mm


The Yale GC040-070VX  Forklift has a load capacity of up to 3.2 tons.



With these specifications, the forklift is capable of continuous operation for extended hours and handling heavy-duty lifting and material handling tasks. Furthermore, the forklift is suitable for various environmental conditions, including indoor, outdoor, and container operations. A significant advantage of this forklift model is its environmentally friendly nature, thanks to its clean emissions that comply with all environmental standards.


2. Outstanding Features Equipped on the Yale GC040-070VX Forklift


The Yale GC040-070VX forklift is designed with modern, advanced technology and incorporates several outstanding features, including:


– Enhanced frame and chassis system to maximize visibility for the operator both in the front and rear.

– Continuous Stability System (CSS) that improves the forklift’s stability during operation with a simple design that requires no maintenance and is unaffected by rough or uneven surfaces.

– Enhanced operational performance to handle medium to heavy loads efficiently.

– Thoughtfully designed foot space to increase operator comfort.

– Independent drive system that reduces noise and vibration, minimizing operator fatigue and increasing productivity throughout the work process.


The Yale GC040-070VX forklift boasts exceptional features



3.  Official and reputable address for supplying genuine Yale GC040-070VX forklifts


Currently, the Yale GC040-070VX forklift is widely used in various industries and highly sought after in the forklift market. Yale Forklifts Vietnam is the authorized distributor in our country, directly supplying the Yale Lift Truck Technologies line from the United States. Therefore, we are confident in being a reliable source for providing the Yale GC040-070VX engine forklift with top-quality and the best market price.


In reality, over the years of operation, Yale Forklifts Vietnam has gained the trust of many leading businesses in the industry, such as Hòa Phát, Trường Hải Auto, Sabeco, who have relied on and utilized our services. Additionally, when choosing our company, customers will receive dedicated advice to select the most suitable forklift model based on their specific needs. Moreover, our highly skilled technical team, directly trained by experts from Yale Lift Truck Technologies (USA), is always ready to provide technical support to customers throughout their usage of the forklifts.


The above are some testimonials from Yale Forklifts Vietnam regarding the Yale GC040-070VX engine forklift series. We hope that readers have gained useful information about the forklifts after reading this article. For any inquiries, please contact us immediately via the hotline 0896.461.728 for prompt advice and support.

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