With many manufacturers around the world, customers usually know about Yale forklifts with many origins such as the US, Japan, Italy, China… And many customers sometimes have the question, which country is the Yale forklift from?

1. Which country is the Yale forklift from?

From the early days, Yale Forklifts Vietnam began to introduce the first Yale forklifts as “The longest experienced manufacturer in the field of manufacturing handling equipment” to the Vietnamese market.

Yale Forklifts - American forklifts brand

Yale Forklifts – American forklifts brand

Yale began researching and developing lifting devices in the 1875s and made a big splash in the industry with their cargo trucks in 1919, when they developed the first battery-powered forklift. This is also the forerunner of today’s modern electric forklift. Followed by a series which operate by fuel such as diesel, LPG,petrol… with a lifting capacity of 1 – 16 tons.

With more than 150 dealers and 12 manufacturing plants around the world, Yale forklifts have created a very strong system, proving their strength in the field of forklift manufacturing and distribution. The above-mentioned figures have confirmed the position and prestige of Yale based on the main foundation that is the trust, support and satisfaction of customers.

Customers often know of Yale forklifts with many origins such as the US, Japan, Italy, China… because they have many production plants around the world. Many Customers often ask the question, which country is the Yale forklift from?

Produced in many factories located in different countries around the world, Yale Forklifts always ensures the production process – standards – technology evaluated according to quality from the US. Distributors can confidently say: “Yale Forklifts is the forklift brand from the US”.

2. Why is the Yale Forklifts brand chosen by many customers?

2.1. Product quality comes from understanding customers

With nearly 150 years of companionship and development in the field of material handling equipment, factory systems and distribution manufacturers covering the world, Yale Forklifts is always proud to be a company that understands the industry, understands the needs of customers.

Yale Forklifts is a pioneer in applying the DFT (Demand Flow Technology) production strategy.

Yale Forklifts - pioneer in implementing DFT production strategy

Yale Forklifts – pioneer in implementing DFT production strategy

With this strategy, Yale Forklifts is constantly receiving and researching to understand customers in order to optimize operating and manufacturing costs, ensuring lead time.

2.2. Yale’s Corporate Responsibility Commitments

Mr. Rajiv K. Prasad – Chairman and CEO of Hyster-Yale Corporation shared: ” We run the Yale business with a long-term view. That is the reason why it is no coincidence that Yale can last until now. We fulfill our commitments to ensure the safety and benefits of our employees, customers and partners.

Every 2 years, Yale Forklifts will publish a report called “CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT”. Accordingly, Yale Forklifts will announce to shareholders, employees, customers and partners about the implementation of previous commitments and set out new commitments related to corporate responsibility.

Yale Forklifts always committee and publish the corporate responsibility

Yale Forklifts always committee and publish the corporate responsibility

Specifically, the corporate responsibility commitments of Yale Forklifts will revolve around three subjects: Responsibility to personnel, Responsibility to business operations and Responsibility to the world.

Regarding Human Resources, Yale Forklifts has the highest focus on occupational safety and career development by carrying out activities related to the below infomation:

– Recruitment

– Training

– Equality in the working environment

– Close interaction with the community

For Business Operations, Yale Forklifts demonstrates its responsibility to its employees and shareholders by:

– Health and safety of customers

– Brand presence in the market

– Financial results

– Supply chain optimization

– Indirect economic effects

– Anti-corruption activities

In addition, community responsibility is something that Yale Forklifts always cares about, specifically proposed and committed to do:

– Always support and comply with activities related to the environment

– Emission and waste safety program

– Global Energy Program

– Ensuring safety and humanity in materials research

– Water resources optimal use and protection

2.3. The awards that Yale has won

Always striving to achieve outstanding results, the Yale Forklifts team is recognized not only for its quality product design and top-notch service, but also for its manufacturing and training efforts which increasingly raise the standards of the handling equipment field.


A series of prestigious awards that Yale Forklifts achieved

Outstanding awards that Yale Forklifts has achieved in recent years include:

  • Golden Edison Award 2020: In 2020, Yale took home the gold in the autonomous work solutions category for our robotic reach truck.
  • Inbound Logistics Top 75 Green Supply Chain Projects (G75) from 2012 to 2022: Yale landed on the G75 from 2012 for its broad range of power options available across our range of lift trucks.
  • MHPN Reader’s Choice Product of the Year from 2017 until now.
  • Food Logistics FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers: In 2019, Yale was recognized for its robotic lift trucks, telemetry and radio frequency identification technology.
  • SDCE Green Supply Chain Award from 2016 until now, Yale received this award for innovative lift truck power solutions including lithium-ion batteries.
  • Food Logistics Top Green Providers in 2016.
  • Plant Engineering Award: In 2011, recipients have identified best practices in plant management and operate safe, productive, and efficient plants that meet the challenges of a global manufacturing environment.

And many others awards

Above is some information about the Yale forklift brand, a forklift brand from the US. We hope to show you that the Yale Forklifts is a product which is worth investing.

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