The reach truck is a type of forklift designed for operations such as transporting goods in narrow spaces, storing and retrieving pallets, and handling goods in racking systems, warehouse shelving, and especially cold storage facilities with a working height of up to 12m.
Among the range of Yale reach trucks, the Yale MR14-25 is widely trusted by customers in Vietnam. Discover more information about the reach truck in the following article.



1. Outstanding Advantages of the Yale MR14-25 Reach Truck

2. Key Considerations for Optimal Operation of the Yale MR14-25 Reach Truck

3. Where to buy the Yale MR14-25 reach truck with trustworthy teputation?


1. Outstanding advantages of the Yale MR14-25 Reach Truck


Since its introduction to the market, the Yale MR14-25 reach truck has undeniably established its unquestionable quality, and the following advantages must be mentioned:


High productivity


– Improved travel speed, lift speed, and lower speed. With a speed of up to 14km/h and a lift speed of 0.73m/s at a lifting height of 12.5m.

– More comfortable seating for the operator, with adjustable seating position and steering wheel height. This type of truck also offers enhanced maneuverability.

– Thanks to its flexible design with 7 models ranging from 1,400kg to 2,500kg load capacity and a lifting height of up to 12,500mm. The robust mast design can withstand heavy loads and intense work, enabling stable load handling and faster loading and unloading times.


Increased energy efficiency


– Through the application of modern technologies, this range of forklifts provides significant energy savings, such as:

– Improved energy-saving technology with ECO-eLo.

– Depending on different applications, it can reduce energy consumption by up to 20% without compromising overall productivity.


Easy maintenance and repair


– Simple and fast servicing.

– The durable construction ensures extended usage of the reach truck.

– Common and easily accessible spare parts for the Yale MR14-25 reach truck when replacements are needed



Advantages of high-altitude forklifts

Advantages of high-altitude forklifts

2. Key considerations for optimal operation of the Yale MR14-25 Reach Truck


Just like any other reach truck models, when using the Yale MR14-25 for business operations, it is important to keep the following points in mind:


– Regular maintenance: Due to high workloads, regular maintenance and inspections are necessary.

– Ensure proper operation according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

– Choose a reputable source for purchasing: With numerous sellers of reach trucks in the market, it is crucial to thoroughly research and select a trusted and reliable supplier to avoid counterfeit or low-quality products


Considerations for Operating a Reach Truck Forklift

Considerations for Operating a Reach Truck Forklift



3. Where to buy the Yale MR14-25 reach truck with trustworthy teputation?


Finding a reputable and quality-assured supplier for reach trucks remains a concern for many customers. As a well-established brand, Yale Lift Truck Technologies operates 19 manufacturing and marketing facilities worldwide.


The Yale MR14-25 Reach Truck is exclusively distributed by Yale Forklifts Vietnam in the Vietnamese market. The sales and technical team are committed to supporting customers in selecting the right reach truck model that fulfills their specific and complex needs.


Reach truck Yale MR16-25 at Yale Forklifts Vietnam

Reach truck Yale MR16-25


These are the essential details we wanted to share regarding what to consider before purchasing a reach truck. We hope this information brings value to you in the process of choosing the right forklift for your business. If you have any inquiries or require assistance with purchasing or consulting on different forklift models, please contact Yale Forklifts Vietnam at the hotline number 0896.461.728 for the best advice and competitive pricing.

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