Yale was established as the most flexible and optimal solution for the field of goods handling and warehouse storage. The core values of the Yale forklift brand are people, products and productivity. Going from designing, manufacturing the best quality products, Yale will help customers optimal their operation. Let’s learn more about the history and core values of Yale Forklifts at the below article:

1. Yale forklift’s history

Yale is a famous American forklift brand, established in 1868. Originally, Yale was a lock manufacturing company, founded by Linus Yale and Henry Towne. By 1875, Yale was expanding into material handling. In 1920, Yale introduced the world’s first forklift. This  is a battery-powered forklift, simple in design which is the foundation for later Yale electric forklifts.

Since 1920, Yale has had extremely important milestones, affirming step by step the brand’s position in the field of forklift manufacturing, specifically as follows:

– In 1930: Yale opened its first manufacturing plant in Wednesfield, England and through its partner Kiichi Harada Company, Yale exported forklift products to the Japanese market.

– In 1950: Yale introduced an internal combustion engine forklift.

– In 1974: Yale opened a factory in Greenville, USA to produce electric forklifts.

– In 1984: Yale Lifting Equipment Corporation was established.

– From 1985 until now, Yale has manufacturing plants located in 12 different countries and has more than 150 distributors supplying forklifts worldwide.

Yale Forklift brand’s history

Yale Forklift brand’s history

2. Core values which Yale is always proud of and preserves

2.1. People

Yale takes people as the first core element of the brand. Yale is proud of the individuals who have been associated with the formation and development of the brand. These are design engineers, production workers, installation and maintenance engineers, distribution agents, customers who have trusted Yale forklift products. All have created a professional operation and sustainable development Yale team.

Yale always listens to the needs of customers to offer the most optimal forklift product. For the staff, Yale provides a working environment with a unique culture, where employees can be creative and develop themselves to bring the best efficiency to work and products.


People are always the top core value that Yale aims to

People are always the top core value that Yale aims to

2.2. Products

Yale believes that products are the “soul” of a brand. Good products, meeting the needs of customers, will help the brand assert its position in the market. Therefore, a forklift is born as a whole process of enthusiastic research of the design engineer team. All product improvements come from customers’ needs. All Yale forklift products are rigorously tested and meet the international quality standards.

Products are the “soul” of a brand

Products are the “soul” of a brand

2.3. Productivity

Yale’s mission is to help customers optimal their efficiency. Operators will feel the most satisfied, most excited with the productivity that Yale products bring. Performance is a core value that Yale constantly strives to achieve when researching, manufacturing and distributing forklift products.

Hopefully, after understanding the core values of Yale, you will no longer have to hesitate before deciding to use Yale forklift products. Yale always wants customers to go from UNDERSTANDING – BELIEVE to LOVE Yale’s products because of the core values of the brand.

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