GDP20-35UX is the YALE brand’s best priced diesel forklift which is always trusted by customers. With smooth operation, stable working performance, and the ability to save fuel, it has become a big plus point for customers. In this article, Yale Forklifts Vietnam will introduce you to the YALE brand’s best-priced diesel forklift – ideal for specific industries.

YALE diesel forklift is the ideal choice for a variety of industries

YALE diesel forklift is the ideal choice for a variety of industries

1. General introduction of diesel forklift GDP20-35UX:

YALE forklift brand is a brand from the US, which is highly appreciated and popular in many markets around the world, including Vietnam. Yale forklifts are always sold at competitive prices because they have a variety of models, modern designs with high durability, good operability, fuel economy, … to help improve economic efficiency for customers.

One of the best priced forklifts of the YALE brand is the GDP20-35UX diesel forklift, which is a forklift that always receives the trust of customers thanks to its modern design, long-term and stable performance.

If you briefly evaluate the GDP 20-35UX diesel forklift, many customers praise this forklift as it is the optimal solution for a variety of industries. With a very good price, this is the first choice of many businesses in industries such as: Building materials, animal feed, Wood processing, Logistics,…

2. Specifications of GDP 20-35UX diesel forklift truck:


– Origin: China

– Capacity: 2,000-3,500kg

– Lifting height: 3000-6000 mm

– Engine:  Yanmar 3.0L / Yanmar 3.3L

– Working light, full suspension seat with OPS, sideshift,…

YALE's diesel forklift is always impressed by its strong, stable and smooth operation

YALE’s diesel forklift is always impressed by its strong, stable and smooth operation

3. The outstanding advantages of the diesel forklift GDP20-35UX:

The best-selling, low-priced diesel forklift such as the GDP20-35UX diesel forklift is also equipped with many outstanding features and designs compared to many other models on the market. This is a forklift truck that is highly appreciated for its stability and safety in use. The control compartment is designed according to ergonomic standards, with familiar layouts for comfort in use.

GDP20-35UX diesel forklift has many outstanding advantages to become Yale's best-selling forklift

GDP20-35UX diesel forklift has many outstanding advantages to become Yale’s best-selling forklift

The GDP20-35UX forklift has a full suspension seat with operation presence system (OPS), which creates comfort for the driver even when operating in uneven terrains. Not only that, this design also ensures the safety of drivers during the operation.

The truck is equipped with a Japanese Yanmar engine with the ability to operate continuously from 8 to 12 hours. With the ability to operate stably, this is the optimal choice for many specific industries such as wood processing, animal feed, construction materials,…
With a design to meet the needs of increased use time, this model has a big plus point that is easy to maintain. Components and replacement parts are commonly in the market, so they can be easily found on the market. This greatly reduces the cost when the truck has problems or breakdowns.

If you are looking for a good price diesel forklift from the YALE brand, the GDP20-35UX diesel forklift is one of the top choices. The outstanding advantages of this forklift series make it highly appreciated by professionals and businesses. Hopefully, through this article, you have given yourself useful information to choose the right forklift at the most reasonable price. Please contact Yale Forklifts Vietnam via Hotline: 0896.461.728 today so that we can be fully supported and consult you with more detailed information about the product.

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