Products from Japan are always popular with Vietnamese users, from consumer goods to high-tech industries. Forklift trucks in general and diesel forklifts in particular, if originating from Japan, always receive the trust and appreciation of customers.

Yale Forklifts is a global forklift brand based in the US. However, with 12 factories around the world, Yale Forklifts takes advantage of each country when setting up factories there. With a factory in Japan, Yale Forklifts has launched a wide range of forklift trucks to meet the specific needs of each region’s market.

Yale Forklifts trucks which are made in Japanese factories are highly appreciated, including diesel forklifts. In this article, Yale Forklifts Vietnam will introduce to customers the forklift series manufactured in Japan, which is very popular in Vietnam in particular and in Asia in general, Yale diesel forklift GDP20-35MX:

1. Yale GDP20-35MX specifications:

– Origin: Japan

– Fuel: Diesel

– Capacity: 2 tons, 2,5 tons, 3 tons and 3,5 tons

– Lifting height: 3,000-6000mm

2. Advantages of Yale diesel forklift GDP20-35MX:

Japan is a country that is highly appreciated by the whole world because the products which are manufactured in Japan, including forklift, are user-oriented and strictly controlled standards.

When Yale Forklifts set up its factory in Japan, the biggest desire was to take advantage of the human resources, geographical location here, along with the desire to learn from Japanese people about market understanding to access the Japanese market in particular and Asian market in general.

With the Yale GDP20-35MX diesel forklift, in order to surpass Japanese standards and supply products to the host country and the whole of Asia, there are three criteria that need to be met: Stability, Performance and Reliability.

Dòng xe nâng dầu Yale GDP20-35MX sản xuất tại Nhật Bản

Yale diesel forklift GDP20-35MX made in Japan


The Yale GDP20-35MX diesel Forklift is designed with excellent stability and impressive support features:

– Like all other Yale Forklifts models, the GDP20-35MX is also ergonomically designed down to the smallest detail: comfort and adjustable seat, Hi-vis mast for better view, electric powered steering,…
– The Continuous Stability Enhancement system (CSE) helps the truck operate stably on rough and uneven surfaces.

Yale GDP20-35MX thiết kế công thái học đến từng chi tiết nhỏ

Yale GDP 20-35MX is ergonomically designed down to the smallest detail


With a forklift made in Japan, the performance is always a concern, Yale GDP20-35MX is designed with many built-in features such as:

– State-of-the-art cooling system plays an important role in ensuring the performance of the Yale diesel forklift GDP20-35MX. Which helps extend the component life and reduce the risk of overheating when operating at high power.

– The screen displays many parameters: travel speed, load weight, coolant temperature, fuel level indicator… In addition, error code messages and visual warnings such as engine oil pressure, transmission oil temperature, maintenance reminders, etc help operators clearly identify the condition of the forklift and provide timely repair and maintenance plans to both ensure optimal performance and keep the forklift ready for operation.

– The side-shift system is flexible and easy to control which helps improve operational efficiency.


The safety features of the Yale GDP20-35MX forklift are also highly appreciated:

– The working lights system, warning lights and signal horns always help the operator confidence in the operations.

– The driver identification system with intelligent sensors helps the forklift immediately stop working when the driver leaves the seat, ensuring safety in the event of unusual incidents.

– The spacious engine compartment design with quick access makes servicing, maintenance and repairs easy and time-saving.

The Yale GDP20-35MX focuses on reducing operating costs through improving efficiency while providing significant fuel cost savings and increased maintenance time up to 500 operating hours.

Yale GDP20-35MX tiết kiệm chi phí vận hành tổng thể
Yale GDP20-35MX helps reduce the operating costs

In addition, intelligently simplifying the design to make the forklift daily check simple and fast which reduced labor time and maintenance costs.

3. What customer said about Yale GDP20-35MX?“With this Yale GDP20-35MX forklift, the efficiency of lifting and moving goods creates great peace of mind. Every detail is designed for long-lasting and stable performance.” – Mr. Phong (Furniture industry) shared.

The Yale GDP20-35MX diesel forklift brings assurance  to customers because the MX series is characterized by the durability that comes from the design and integrated modern features.

Yale GDP20-35MX luôn làm tôi hài lòng trong suốt 03 năm quaYale GDP20-35MX has always satisfied me during the 3 years of use

“Overall operating cost is what I care most about when investing in a forklift, experience shows that operating costs account for a very large proportion of the cost of owning a forklift. And the Yale GDP20-35MX diesel forklift has always satisfied me during 3 years of use thanks to its fuel, labor cost and maintenance cost savings.” – Anh Dung (Forklift fleet operation manager in a Building Materials Enterprise) said.

The purchasing department of a business will pay much attention to the investment cost of a forklift. But the operations manager for a fleet of forklifts will be more concerned with overall operating costs.

With this article, Yale Forklifts Vietnam hopes that customers get more information about the Yale GDP20-35MX diesel forklift – Japan made, with the desire to bring stability, performance and reliability will be favored by many businesses because of the values it brings.

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