Satisfied the needs of production industries from agriculture, industry, manufacturing,… The material handling equipment market, typically industrial forklifts, is also constantly developing and becoming increasingly competitive.

As science and technology develops, customers are increasingly looking for cost-efficiency, durable, and large-capacity products. Today’s forklift brands will definitely be left behind if they do not constantly innovate.

Yale Forklifts is a global leader in material handling equipment, with a history of more than 150 years of continuous creation and innovation to meet the complex needs of its customers.

2021 is a difficult year because of the Covid19 pandemic. However, the Yale GDP30UX diesel forklifts exclusively distributed by Yale Forklifts Vietnam are very popular and  land an impressive sale in the Vietnamese market.


GP30UX diesel forklift – The best investment in 2022

After using the GDP30UX diesel forklift, customers have positive experiences and all evaluate that among the diesel forklifts, the GDP30UX will definitely be the most worthy investment forklift in 2022.

Which things about the GDP30UX diesel forklift that makes so many customers make such comments? Find out with Yale Forklifts Vietnam through the following article:

Investment and operation cost savings

The UX forklift series from the Yale brand is designed  for customers to own a high-quality and reputable forklift brand product.

The DFT (Demand Flow Technology – Manufacturing based on demand research and analysis of customers’ habits) manufacturing strategy is strictly applied at Yale’s assembly plant in China.

This brings a difference for the GDP30UX forklifts, assembled in China to optimize costs but being supervised strictly with the standards and quality of Yale – a more than 150-year-old famous American forklift brand.

GDP30UX – Investment and operation cost savings


Yale GPD30UX diesel forklift uses high-quality, powerful components combined with an efficient filter and an innovative cooling system that contributes to the forklift’s stable operation, reduced component wear and fuel consumption.

Besides, the Yale GDP30UX diesel forklift is one of the best-selling models of the Yale forklift brand, so maintenance and replacement parts are always available to repair fast, efficient and cost-effective.

Japanese engine

The Yale GDP30UX diesel forklift equipped with the powerful Yanmar 3.3L Diesel (Non-CE) engine from Japan. 4-function gearbox with 2 forward and 1 reverse gears.

Motors ordered followed Yale quality standards and sourced from Japan to ensure reliability and fast availability of cost-effective replacement parts.

Using a dedicated dual suspension system to minimize vibration and noise. Provides stable, powerful operation with high capacity up to 3,000kg (3 tons) but still creates operator comfort.

Ergonomic design

GP30UX diesel forklift is designed with a wide field of view both front and rear up to 720mm, helping to reduce blind spots, increase operator safety and comfort.

The cabin is designed to be convenient and simple with a familiar layout. A wide range of features are applied to the GP30UX diesel forklift to make operation easy and safe:

  • Adjustable seat with full suspension system.
  • Informative, 3.5-inch LCD display.
  • Small diameter steering wheel with diameter about 30cm and up to 8 degree adjustable steering column.
  • Generous foot space in operator compartment.
  • LED working light provide safety operation.

GDP30UX diesel forklift cabin is designed to be convenient and simple


By carefully studying the needs and habits of operators, Yale Forklifts invests in the ergonomic design of the GP30UX forklift to minimize fatigue and provide a comfortable feeling even when operating for a long time.

Easy to maintenance

GDP30UX diesel forklifts have the feature point of Yale UX range, designed to provide easy and optimizing maintenance time, make sure they are always provide good performance:

  • Spacious engine compartment, increased access space for maintenance.
  • Simple design with available spare parts to save costs and shorten maintenance time.
  • No software diagnostics or operation is required, simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting.

The engine compartment of the GDP30UX diesel forklift is spacious and easy to maintain

Simple and elegant, the design of the GDP30UX forklift increases operation time, avoiding breakdown due to maintenance or troubleshooting.

Customization to meet the needs

The Yale GDP30UX diesel forklift also features its outstanding ability to customize the forklift configuration to meet the needs and finances of each customer.

Please leave your contact information below or contact Hotline: 0896.461.728 and share with Yale Forklifts Vietnam your needs and investment levels. It is believed that GDP30UX diesel forklift with flexible configuration customization will perfectly meet the requirements of customers in material handling operations.

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