Yale forklift – one of the American manufacturing brands that is not only known by its competitive price but also be appraised with high quality.

Yale forklifts always give prominence to simple but sophisticated design, high durability with low fuel consumption. It plays the most important role in the operation of different business’s fields such as: Cars component manufacturing, F&B,  Plastics-Chemicals, Building materials, Retail, Agricultural products – Food , Metal, Wood, Furniture… 

Yale forklifts always give prominence to the simple yet sophisticated designs

One of the products received “Product of the year voted by Material Handling Product News(special issue about industrial products) is diesel forklifts.

Diesel forklifts are still the most popular, accounting for 75% of the market share of the material handling equipment market. Yale forklifts are popular with the common advantages of diesel forklifts, such as the diversified capacity to meet all the needs of businesses from large to small, and the ability to operate continuously without being affected by factors of space, time, weather… to increase the user ‘s experience.

With this article, Yale Forklifts Vietnam will share the outstanding diesel forklifts from Yale Forklifts brand ;exclusively distributed and providing technical services by Yale Forklifts Vietnam:

Any Yale Forklifts forklifts can be customized to suit each customer’s  detailed needs. Yale diesel forklifts are also positively evaluated by customers not only for its excellent performance but also for its optimization in product configuration.

Bases on the capacity, Yale Forklifts Vietnam divide diesel forklift into 3 types such as:

1. Light duty diesel forklift

Representing the classification of light duty diesel forklift trucks, there are 02 prominent models as below:

  • GP20-35UX diesel forklifts
  • GP20-35MX diesel forklifts

With the capacity range from 2,000 to 3,500kg, the above two models are designed to be sturdy enough for outdoor environments, but their maneuverability and speed are also perfectly suitable for indoor use.

1.1. GP20-35UX diesel forklifts

Highly appraised for its economy, the GP20-35UX diesel forklift series was developed to optimize costs, making it easier to experience a Yale forklift product.


Yale GP20-35UX – 2 -3.5 tons diesel forklift


Yale products are quality guaranteed, as is the GP20-35UX range of forklifts. Capacity ranges from 2,000 to 3,500kg with very reliable performance, ergonomic design towards operator comfort and ease of maintenance.

1.2. GP20-35MX diesel forklifts

Diversified capacity ranges from 2,000 to 3,500kg (2 tons to 3.5 tons), outstanding durability is the focus of Yale’s design for the GP20-35MX diesel forklift. The clutch packs, gear and shaft packages are designed to be more robust. Protection system, drive system and monitoring system are upgraded. It’s all about increasing performance, maximizing operation time, and keeping the forklift truck in tip-top shape.


Yale GP20-35MX – 2-3.5 tons diesel forklift


In addition, the cooling system is improved with new technology that optimizes cooling airflow to increase component life and minimize engine overheating.

The commitment to quality of the GP20-35MX diesel forklift is demonstrated by the achievement of ISO 9001 international quality certification.

2. Heavy duty diesel forklifts

Representing the classification of heavy duty diesel forklift trucks, there are 02 prominent models as below:

  • GP40-55VX diesel forklifts
  • GP40-50UX diesel forklifts

With the heavy capacity, ranging from 4,000 to 7,000kg (from 4 tons to  7 tons), the above 02 models are ideally designed for heavy lifting operations both indoors and outdoors, with a long service life. impressive uptime and performance.

2.1. GP40-55VX diesel forklifts

The GP40-55VX forklifts series are ergonomically designed and equipped with additional operator-friendly features to help reduce fatigue, provide good performance and focus high while working long hours such as:

  • The isolated drive system reduces noise and vibration.
  • The Continuous Stability System (CSS) reduces tilt, and an improved steering shaft mounting design for superior maneuverability on uneven surfaces for increased operational stability.
  • Low step height, increased shoulder clearance and easy right-side access for simple entry and exit.


Yale GP40-55VX  4 – 5.5 tons diesel forklift


The cost to invest in a forklift is only a small part of the total investment cost. The cost of using a forklift is the largest part including factors such as preventive maintenance, break-down repairs, tires, brakes… and fuel costs.

That is the reason why Yale’s engineer created the diesel GP40-55VX with low fuel, parts consumption, and upto 500 working hours preventive maintenance

2.2. GP40-50UX  diesel forklifts

The GDP40-50UX series in particular stands out with the role: “Helping every customer to easily own a Yale forklift”.

Yale GP40-50UX – 4- 5 tons diesel forklift 

  • Simple operation: The control compartment is comfortably designed with a familiar layout. Features and options can be customized for the best fit and convenience for the user.
  • Investment and operation cost savings: optimize production with DFT  solution (Demand Flow Technology – Manufacturing based on customer demand research and habit analysis) to help product costs that are provided to customers always commensurate with performance.
  • In addition, DFT also helps the GDP40-50UX diesel forklift lower fuel consumption, longer replacement time for consumable accessories… saving operating costs.
  • Ergonomic design down to the smallest detail: Yale UX 3.5” LCD; Spacious cabin; Dual suspension (drive and operation); The handbrake lever has a button that greatly reduces operator fatigue; Small diameter steering wheel with tilt-adjustable mast…

3. Big trucks

Representing the classification of big trucks, there are 02 prominent models as below:

  • GP170-190VX  diesel forklifts
  • GP130-160EC  diesel forklifts

3.1. GP170-190VX  diesel forklifts 

GP170-190 VX is a vehicle designed to excel in material handling operations with capacity from 8,000 to 9,000 kg (8 tons to 9 tons) with all the advantages of the Veracitor® range:

  • Powerful performance with Kubota 3.8L EPA Tier 4 engine.
  • Ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue, maintaining operator productivity.
  • Longer maintenance cycles with less fuel and spare parts consumption.


Yale GP170-190VX – 8-9 tons diesel forklifts

3.2. GP130-160EC diesel forklifts

The GDP130-160 EC diesel forklift is a heavy-duty forklift, designed to meet the needs of handling super-heavy goods with capacities from 13,000 to 16,000 kg (from 13 tons to 16 tons).

Operating at “harsh” capacity but with Stage IV Diesel engines, using Exhaust Gas Recirculation (ERG) technology combined with Diesel Oxygen Catalyst (DOC) and Selective Catalytic Reduction technology (SCR), the GDP130-160 EC diesel forklift truck reduces emissions to the maximum.


Yale GP130-160EC 13 – 16 tons diesel forklifts

The design is optimized for more durable operation, the LSH oil change time is up to 6,000 hours, the transmission oil change time is up to 2000 hours.

The GDP130-160EC has integrated High Performance mode (HiP) maximizes engine power and torque for hydraulic and drive functions. Eco mode (ECO–eLo) makes throttle reaction less aggressive, saving fuel with reduced maximum engine speed.

Above are some outstanding diesel forklifts that Yale Forklifts Vietnam is currently distributing exclusively in Vietnam. Among the above diesel forklifts, which diesel forklifts are you impressed with?

Yale Forklifts Vietnam currently provides selling and renting Yale forklifts, with a commitment to always meet and optimize the most suitable for customers’ material handling equipment needs by the ability to customize the configuration accordingly with each unique need – the special feature of the Yale brand forklifts.

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