How can I choose a reputable, quality electric forklift? This is probably a common question of customers who are looking for an electric forklift but do not know which unit to choose. If everyone is also having these questions, please take a few minutes to refer to the sharing of Yale Forklifts Vietnam below!

1. Why should customers choose a reputable electric forklift trading company?

Choosing a reputable electric forklift address is really very important. Because on the market today, there are a lot of profit-oriented suppliers that provide low quality products. If you do not choose a reputable supplier, it is easy for people to buy fake products, low quality products…


Why should customers choose a reputable electric forklift supplier?

Why should customers choose a reputable electric forklift supplier?


Using these products does not guarantee safety. At the same time, the lifespan of this truck is also quite short, so customers will need to spend more money to repair or even buy a new forklift. Therefore, right from the moment you intend to buy an electric forklift, you should look for a really reputable supplier.


2. Criteria for choosing a reputable electric forklift supplier:

To choose a reputable electric forklift supplier, customers should base on some of the following criteria:


Criteria for choosing an electric forklift

Criteria for choosing an electric forklift


Diversity of quantity and models

The first criterion is to consider whether the supplier provides a variety of electric forklifts in terms of quantity and model. A reputable supplier will often bring a lot of different products to help customers comfortably choose the right product for their needs and pocket.


Guaranteed quality

The second criterion to evaluate a quality electric forklift supplier is that you will consider whether the products that this unit provides are guaranteed? A reputable supplier will always bring products with high durability.

To be able to determine this criterion, in addition to trying the forklift at the supplier or more carefully, it is possible to rent a forklift from that supplier to use for a while before buying.


Competitive price 

Price is also one of the very important criteria to evaluate a reputable electric forklift supplier. Because reputable suppliers always care about the interests of customers, they always ensure the most appropriate price.

However, it is necessary to clearly define the point of view of “you get what you pay for”, because if only based on competitive price criteria, it is very difficult to choose a quality forklift product.Customers should combine cost and quality, often sellers use the phrase “affordable” – the price is commensurate with the quality of the product.


3. Where to buy a reputable electric forklift?

Currently, there are many companies that provide electric forklifts for customers to choose from. Among them, Yale Forklifts Vietnam is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Yale Forklifts brand – a brand from the US with more than 150 years of experience.


Purchase the electric forklift at Yale

Purchase the electric forklift at Yale


Reasons that customer should buy an electric forklift at Yale

The reasons customers should choose Yale to buy an electric forklift are:

– Top brand from the USA with more than 150 years of experience.

– Wide range of forklift models with diverse features and specifications to help meet even the most complex lifting needs.

– Yale provides the most dedicated and attentive customer service. Whenever customers have needs, they can contact Yale for free consultation and support.

– Investment costs are always commensurate with performance.

– Committed to the most excellent and dedicated service before, during and after the sale.


Hopefully from this information, Yale Forklifts Vietnam can accompany all customers.

Please contact Yale Forklifts Vietnam via Hotline: 0896.461.728 so that Yale Forklifts Vietnam have the opportunity to provide customers with the specific advice and quotes!

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