There are many factors to decide whether to buy an ERP25UX forklift or not? People are interested in technical factors, engines while others pay attention to performance and convenience of operation.  Let’s listen to the sharing from Yale customers after a period of using ERP25UX to make your own choice!

1. “Low maintenance cost is the reason why I bought the Yale ERP25UX electric forklift”

Mr. Bao – working in the electronics business shared that his top concern when choosing to buy an electric forklift is low maintenance costs. The goods he trades do not require a large load like the iron, steel or heavy industry. But there is a frequency of lifting and moving pallets of goods continuously. Therefore, “I need an electric forklift that is easy and quick to maintain, and low in cost,” said Mr. Bao.

Easy maintenance with low cost is what customers appreciate about the Yale ERP25UX electric forklift

Mr. Bao also shared: “Over 03 years of use, the Yale ERP25UX electric forklift is still operating very stably. Common and readily available spare parts at Yale Forklifts Vietnam help save cost and reduce maintenance time which provide continuous performance with the  lowest cost.

2. “Yale Forklifts Vietnam understands the investment needs to consult the suitable forklifts for customers. The right and sufficient investment is what I appreciate when buying an ERP25UX electric forklift.”

Mr. Khang, who works in the field of furniture, has also chosen ERP25UX. Khang’s load lifting needs are very diverse, because he has small capacity items and large capacity items, both lifting and lowering goods of neat size, sometimes lifting bulky goods. Most of the goods are lifted and lowered at a moderate height, but there are times when the goods have to be lifted and lowered at a very high height.

From the requirements and specifics of Mr. Khang’s business field, Yale Forklifts Vietnam has proposed the Yale ERP25UX electric forklift with flexibly customized specifications to meet the diverse needs of lifting and lowering goods and also suitable for Mr. Khang’s investment budget.

Correct and sufficient investment with Yale ERP25UX

Mr. Khang shared: “Yale ERP25UX series has the ability to customize flexible specifications to meet my complex lifting needs. The consulting team of Yale Forklifts Vietnam also relies on my investment budget to choose the right features. There isn’t a single redundant feature or option. Everything fits very well.”

3. “The ERP25UX electric forklift has a very wide and comfortable driving seat.”

Mr. Tu – a forklift operator at a wooden furniture business shared: “The truck has a very wide and comfortable driving seat. Compared to many electric forklifts I have driven, the ERP25UX is very good. Everything is very easy to operate.”

Yale forklifts in general and ERP25UX electric forklifts in particular have an ergonomic design. Thanks to a carefully calculated, scientific design which focuses on the smallest detail to bring the most comfortable feeling for the driver as well as optimizing performance.


Driving area with scientifically arranged details, suitable distance for the driver's convenience

Driving area with scientifically arranged details, suitable distance for the driver’s convenience

In this series of electric forklift trucks, the “ergonomics” factor contain in the following points:

– The high mast which help improve the visibility

– The small steering wheel makes the control operations more compact and flexible.

– The position of the control buttons on the electric forklift ‘s LCD screen is arranged close to each other, making it easy for the driver to manipulate and observe.

– The seat is located above the engine compartment area, high and easy to see ahead. The cushion is designed to curve along the spine to limit fatigue during long time driving.

– The footstep height from the floor to the truck is not too high. It is also more convenient and safer when operators need to step up and down during operation.

4. “Electric forklift ERP25UX has a reasonable price which helps me save a lot of operating costs which is extremely necessary for new business, with a limited scale like mine”.

Mr. Binh, who works in the retail fields in Ho Chi Minh City, shared: “According to the consultant, the ERP25UX is assembled in China. People often equate Chinese products with poor quality. But with the amount of experience of Yale Forklifts as well as based on my own research. I am very secure and confident when buying the truck.”

He also added, “The cost of buying a truck is much better than other products in the same segment. And most importantly, the forklift performance is beyond my expectations.”

The design of the ERP25UX forklift truck uses an AC motor with an air-cooling and filtering system which limits the heating of the engine. This not only helps the truck maintain its durability, the time between periodic maintenance is longer, but also reduces the amount of heat generated causing energy loss during operation.

Trucks at Mr. Binh’s company must operate continuously so it is very important to check how long the battery is working.  I can observe the battery percentage through the monitor on the truck very easily. Avoid using the battery to full capacity many times leading to damage to the battery in case of mistake.” – Mr.Binh shared. Besides, he is also concerned about having spare parts for quick replacement when necessary, avoiding interruption of business operations. This has been solved by the fact that Yale Forklifts Vietnam has warehouses in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong.

Mr. Binh shared: “More than 5 years of using old Japanese forklifts, after carefully researching, I decided to invest in the Yale ERP25UX electric forklift. After 2 years of use, I have complete confidence in the quality of trucks and maintenance services of Yale Forklifts Vietnam.”

Above are the views that customers who have used ERP25UX forklifts share with Yale. Hope these sharing has helped you to have more useful information so you can make the right decision and best suitable for your business. 

In case you are still “confused” not knowing which product series to choose or want more detailed advice on technical specifications, advice on truck models as well as electric forklift buying – rental service, please feel free to contact Yale Forklift Vietnam via 0896.461.728 or leave your information below to receive support.

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