In addition to the technical specifications, origin and brand are the criteria that businesses are often interested in when choosing to buy an electric forklift. So how can we determine the origin and brand of electric forklifts? What is the difference between Yale forklifts and other brands? Let’s find out in the content that Yale Forklifts Vietnam shares below.

1.What is the origin of an electric forklift? How can we determine the origin of an electric forklift?

Understandably, the origin is the place where the final stage to finish a product is, so the origin of the electric forklift will be the country where the truck is fully assembled before reaching customers.

For example: Some models of Yale forklift trucks are made according to American standards but assembled in China so legally, the origin of this Forklift is from China.

ERP15-35UX – Assembled in China to focus on optimizing the investment and operation cost.

2. What is the brand of an electric forklift? How can we determine the brand of an electric forklift?

There are many definitions to explain the word “brand”. Among them, it can be understood that a brand is all that customers remember about a product thanks to direct contact, listening to other people talk about the product… Brands are features used to differentiate a brand from its competitors.

Yale ESC030-040AD electric forklift “American standard”

Brand is an intangible value but is made up of tangible values. For example, referring to Yale Forklifts is referring to the high-end forklift brand, with the characteristic yellow YALE logo, an American forklift brand with a lifespan of up to 150 years, high quality products according to manufacturing standards “American standard”.

3. Between the origin and the brand, which is more important?

Basically, the brand will be the determining factor in the quality standards of electric forklifts. Each brand will have different quality standards, serving different customer segments.

Not all products have the same origin and brand in the same place. The choice of the production place (origin) is often based on the specific advantages of the local manufacturing industry as well as the orientation of the enterprise.

Yale electric forklift ERP16-20UXT is chosen to be produced in China to optimize the investment cost for customers.

For example, many products are selected to be processed in China because China is the world’s largest manufacturing factory, it has abundant human resources at low cost. Thereby helping businesses save processing costs, buyers also can buy with better prices. On the other hand, customers are located in Asia, outsourcing in China is also convenient for distribution and saves transportation costs.

In addition, China also has large-scale manufacturing factories which are diverse in industries and fields. Having strengths in technology, heavy industry, manufacturing… That is also one of the factors for Yale to choose to assemble products here, next to the head factory in the US.

Many businesses choose Yale electric forklifts because the Yale Forklifts brand is a guarantee of prestige and quality from product to after-sales service.

Tóm lại, thương hiệu sẽ là yếu tố được Khách hàng đánh giá là quan trọng hơn so với xuất xứ, là tiêu chí mà doanh nghiệp nên quan tâm khi chọn mua một sản phẩm.

4. How many origins does Yale have? What is the difference between different origin trucks?

Yale Forklifts is an American forklift brand. Yale electric forklifts currently have 03 origins: America & Europe; Japan; China. Depending on the characteristics and target customer file, where will each model be manufactured?

– Origin: American & Europe. These are trucks with outstanding performance and high quality. Mainly forklifts with complex engine details, requiring modern features and technologies to meet the more complex and diverse needs of the business.

Yale ESC030-40AD electric forklift truck made in the US integrates many features and modern technologies

– Origin: Japan. These are the trucks with stability and safety. And especially suitable for Asian working culture and warehouse design.

Yale FB15-35RZ electric forklift made in Japan is outstanding for its stability, safety and reliable performance

– Origin: China. These are electric forklifts with the best cost, helping businesses optimize investment costs. These models usually have a not very complicated structure, less sophisticated assembly standards, and focus on small to medium capacity electric forklifts.

Each series of Yale forklift trucks with different origins will suit the unique goals of each business. However, product quality is guaranteed according to strict standards from Yale Forklifts – the world’s leading forklift brand from the US.

Hopefully the above sharing has helped you understand more about the brand and origin of electric forklifts in general, and Yale forklifts in particular. From there, you can choose the options that suit the best for your business needs. Do not hesitate to give us the opportunity to consult you on the best suitable solution. Please leave the information below or immediately call the hotline 0896.461.728 to receive the fastest advice on electric forklift rental – buy new forklift – forklift maintenance.

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