The global forklift market is predicted to grow strongly with an estimated compound annual growth rate of 12.8% during 2022 – 2030. In which, the 3 ton diesel forklift is one of the segments that is used the most by customers. In Vietnam, the number of 3-ton diesel forklift trucks accounts for 60-70% of the total volume of forklifts consumed annually. Currently, the Yale Forklifts diesel forklift is one of the most popular names on the market. Let’s find out which are the three best-selling 3-ton diesel forklifts from the Yale Forklifts brand in this article.

1. Yale GC070VX3-ton diesel forklift – Origin: USA:

The GC070VX series has a capacity of 3 tons, a powerful engine and many other preeminent features.

Yale GC070VX diesel forklift with powerful engine

Yale GC070VX diesel forklift with powerful engine

1.1. Yale GC070VX diesel forklift specifications:

Take a look at the technical specifications to learn more about this forklift:

– Origin: USA

– Capacity: 3 tons

– Lifting height: up to 7000 mm

– Engine: Kubota 2.5L

1.2. The reason why customer should choose Yale GC070VX diesel forklift:

Currently, Yale GC070VX is widely used in all industries such as agriculture, transportation,…and especially in loading and unloading goods in factories, warehouses, and loading containers. Why is this forklift so popular and widely used? The following are the outstanding elements of the Yale GC070VX forklift:

– Features can be customized to suit each plant and warehouse application.

– The GC070VX delivers high productivity thanks to the outstandingly powerful 2.5L Kubota engine.

– Equipped with high-quality spare parts, ensuring long-term stable and durable operation.

– The standard safety system on the forklift helps to ensure safe operation for people and goods.

– Simple maintenance service.

1.3. What customer said about Yale GC070VX diesel forklift:

GC070VX forklift is highly appreciated by many domestic and international customers. Most of the opinions say that the strong point that makes the success of the Yale GC070VX is thanks to the durable, powerful and effective engine and the standard safety system equipped on the forklift.

A customer who is a Warehouse Manager of an import-export company shared that, “GC070VX not only perfectly meets the needs of loading and unloading goods, but also helps significantly increase the productivity of customers. Thanks to the Yale GC070VX, warehouse drivers are more comfortable, less fatigued, and more productive.”

2. Yale GP30MX 3-ton diesel forklift – Origin: Japan:

The MX series is a popular forklift model because it possesses many outstanding improvements compared to other models in the same segment.

Yale forklift GP30MX has many outstanding improvements

Yale forklift GP30MX has many outstanding improvements

2.1. Yale GP30MX diesel forklift specifications:

Below is the technical information of the forklift:

– Origin: Japan

– Capacity: 3 tons

– Lifting height: 3000-6000mm

– Engine: YANMAR 4TNE98 (3.3L)

2.2. The reason why customer should choose Yale GP30MX diesel forklift:

The Yale GP30MX forklift truck is considered a perfect combination of power, speed, fuel economy and increased performance. Many customers and companies have chosen Yale GP30MX because:

– Excellent performance, saving labor, maintenance and servicing costs.

– Forklifts are equipped with standard and optional features to meet different uses.

– With a powerful 4-cylinder engine, the GP30MX series will be the right solution to help maintain optimal performance for customers.

– This model possesses advanced control and operation features such as Hydraulic Interlock Mechanism, sideshifter, … along with advanced cooling system and CSE function to improve balance when the truck is operating on uneven surfaces. All make up a quality GP30MX name with high reliability.

– Extremely user-friendly ergonomic design.

2.3. What customer said about Yale GP30MX diesel forklift:

Since its launch, the Yale GP30MX diesel forklift has received a lot of positive feedback from customers. The strongest impression that this forklift leaves on customers is probably the ergonomic design.

A customer who is the Director of a factory with a production scale of up to 5000m2 said: “The ergonomic design on this forklift is really excellent. That makes it very easy for our factory drivers to get acquainted and use the technologies on the truck. This forklift is a very user-friendly product. Thanks to that, the operational efficiency of our factory is also significantly improved! Thank you Yale GP30MX!”

3. Yale GP30UX 3-ton diesel forklift – Origin: China:

Finally, the Yale GP30UX diesel forklift cannot be ignored. This model is also a breakthrough in intelligent ergonomic design, providing an optimal user experience.

Yale diesel forklift GP30UX with ergonomic design

Yale diesel forklift GP30UX with ergonomic design

3.1. Yale GP30UX diesel forklift specifications:

The GP30UX forklift possesses impressive specifications:

– Origin: China

– Capacity: 3 tons

– Lifting height: 3000-6000mm

– Engine: Yanmar 3.3L

3.2. The reason why customer should choose Yale GP30UX diesel forklift:

The Yale GP30UX diesel forklift is one of the best-selling forklifts in the 3-ton diesel forklift segment thanks to the following factors:

– With a low cost of ownership, the forklift is a perfect solution to optimize costs for businesses.

– The truck is extremely comfortable to operate with a conveniently designed operating compartment, a 3.5-inch LCD screen displaying sharp information, and spacious cabin…

– High safety and reliability thanks to sturdy frame, engine protection system, high quality components.

– GP30UX forklifts are designed with simple spare parts and specifications to ensure optimal maintenance time, minimize downtime due to damage and always be ready to use when needed.

– Intelligent ergonomic design, providing optimal user experience.

3.3. What customer said about Yale GP30UX diesel forklift:

Yale Forklifts GP30UX diesel forklift is rated as the most investment-worthy forklift in 2022. Customers after using this model have also left very positive experiences.

One of our customers, a packaging factory manager, said:” The GP30UX forklift gave our driver a very comfortable experience when driving the truck. Unlike other forklift products, it doesn’t take them too long to get used to GP30UX. Sitting in the truck, our driver clearly feels the safety and comfort that the truck brings. The forklift works extremely stable. Our drivers are working more productively every day thanks to this forklift.”

Above is the sharing of Yale Forklifts Vietnam about the three most prominent 03 ton diesel forklifts of our brand. With a reasonable investment price, impressive specifications and positive reviews from customers who have experienced the product, we believe that the GC070VX, GP30MX and GP30UX forklifts are the most suitable choice in the 03 ton diesel forklift segment on the market today.

Customers can rest assured when using products of Yale Forklifts Vietnam. With more than 150 years of experience in the field of supplying material handling equipment, we are confident to bring reliable handling solutions for warehouses. Please contact Yale Forklifts Vietnam via Hotline: 0896.461.728 today so that we can be fully supported and consult you with more detailed information about the product.

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