The battery is one of the most important parts of an electric forklift which directly affects the truck’s performance. To let the truck have a good performance, the battery needs to be in good condition too. Let’s identify some notes about the battery that businesses need to know while using the electric forklift in the below article:

Nowaday, electric forklifts usually use 2 main types of batteries such as lead-acid and lithium.

Yale ERP15-35UX electric forklift with 2 options Lead Acid or Lithium-Ion

Yale ERP15-35UX electric forklift with 2 options Lead Acid or Lithium-Ion

1. Comparison between Lead-acid battery and Lithium battery

Lead Acid battery is a common type of battery so far. Over time, Lithium batteries were born to meet the needs of continuous work (more than 1 shift per day). Let’s do some comparisons to see the difference between these two types of batteries.

1.1. Lead Acid battery:

– Charging time: Lead acid battery may need 8-12 hours to charge (based on the battery capacity). Therefore, businesses that need to use electric forklifts in many shifts need to prepare 1-2 Lead Acid batteries for backup.

– Cheaper price. Battery lifespan from 1000-1500 charging circle.

– Requires regular refilling of distilled water and maintenance service.

1.2. Lithium-Ion battery

– Charging time: Lithium-ion battery can be charged continuously when the truck is idle. With the fast charging feature, Yale forklifts with lithium batteries help maximize business operating efficiency compared to electric forklifts using lead-acid batteries.

– Higher price. Battery lifespan 4000 charging circle

– Does not require much maintenance.

2. How to maintenance the battery in the right way

Lead Acid batteries need to be filled with distilled water and checked periodically to make sure the electrodes are not dead, causing damage to the battery. For lithium – ion batteries, the structure of the battery has solved this problem. However, businesses need to pay attention to whether the power source of the charging area and the battery are compatible.

The incompatibility of the input power source causing damage to the battery, time consuming inefficient or may lead to the risk of fire or explosion. Therefore, it is best to find out more advice about charging location, charging room power source and battery at the same supplier. This not only helps improve safety and efficiency during use, but also makes the maintenance process more convenient.

During the battery charging process, do not suddenly disconnect the power supply before the battery is fully charged.

3.General note about the charging process of an electric forklift


The spacious battery compartment inside Yale electric forklift

The spacious battery compartment inside Yale electric forklift

The charging process of the battery is not hard to train. However, there are a few notes that businesses often ignore when using electric forklifts. This leads to a battery lifespan reduction after a long period time of use:

– For Lead-acid batteries, continuously charging will cause damage to the battery. It only needs to be charged when the energy is below 30% and should be charged until full. But it is also not advisable to leave the battery energy go below 20% often because it will affect the battery life.v

– Do not suddenly disconnect the power during charging, it will affect the life of the battery. As well as the safety of the operator.

– Some Yale forklifts with lithium-ion batteries can be charged continuously and quickly charged for 15 minutes without affecting their lifespan.

– The lithium-ion batteries in the Yale forklift with the design to optimize dust avoidance. However, operators also need periodic cleaning and maintenance to ensure the battery is always in good condition. For Lead Acid batteries, it is necessary to fill the battery with distilled water and periodically cleaning, maintaining the battery so that the battery is always in good condition, ensuring the safety of the operator, and avoiding unexpected risks.

When using an electric forklift, the information related to the battery is the thing that businesses should pay attention to. Hopefully the above sharing has helped you to understand more about the battery of the Yale electric forklift in particular, and the electric forklifts in general. For technical support, proper operation and maintenance of electric forklifts, purchase new – rental service, customers can leave contact information below or call Hotline: 0896.461.728 to have specific advice from Yale Forklifts Vietnam team.

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