Logistics is a global industry. With the current development and international movement of goods, logistics is not only warehousing, freight forwarding, but also the flow of goods from production to consumption. The application of advanced and intelligent equipment in logistics is an inevitable trend. In particular, the use of electric forklifts is a comprehensive optimal solution.

Why are electric forklifts so widely used?

Why are electric forklifts so widely used?

1. Electric forklifts optimize warehouse operation efficiency:

Handling goods in the warehouse is always a “headache” problem for many business owners. Using manual labor is not feasible when the quantity of goods is increasing. That is not to mention the warehouses with limited area, which need to be optimally lined up by height. Moreover, the types of goods are specific, even dangerous if manually handled.

The appearance of electric forklifts has completely solved the dilemma of logistics. Electric forklifts are used in  and transporting goods, helping to reduce time, save labor costs, and increase warehouse operation efficiency. Ensure labor safety in case of operation in specific warehouses.

Trends of using electric forklifts in logistics

Trends of using electric forklifts in logistics

2. Eco-friendly electric forklifts:

The outstanding advantage of electric forklifts is that they are more environmentally friendly than diesel forklifts. Because the forklift uses energy from the battery, it helps the engine to operate when it is necessary to perform lifting and transferring operations. When operating, electric forklifts do not emit emissions, and operate smoothly.

This strength is especially important for tight and closed warehouses, ensuring the health of employees working in the warehouse. Thanks to this advantage, electric forklifts are increasingly used in warehouses. Most warehouses have at least one electric forklift device to optimize operational efficiency.

3. Electric forklifts are diverse in types, flexible in applications:

The next strong point that makes the wide application of electric lifting equipment is the variety of types. Currently, there are many reputable manufacturers specializing in providing electric forklifts. In particular, Yale is a prestigious brand. Yale electric forklifts are diverse in types, with different models, different loads with different lifting heights. This creates many choices for customers, to meet the different needs of many businesses when operating warehouses.

Quality, durable Yale electric forklift

Quality, durable Yale electric forklift

4. Outstanding electric forklift models of the Yale brand:

– Electric forklifts ERP030-040VT – 3 wheels, seated, capacity: 1.3-1.8 tons

– Electric forklifts ESC030-040AD – 3 wheels, stand-on, capacity: 1.3-1.8 tons

– Electric forklifts FB15-35RZ– 4 wheels, seated, capacity: 1.5-3.5 tons

– Electric forklifts ERP15-35UX– 4 wheels, seated, capacity: 1.5-3.5 tons

– Electric forklifts ERP16-20UXT – 3 wheels, seated, capacity: 1.6 – 2.0 tons

– Electric forklifts ERC045-070VG – 4 wheels, seated, capacity: 2 – 3.2 tons

– Electric forklifts ERC080-120VH – 4 wheels, seated, capacity: 3.6 – 5.4 tons


One forklift can replace many warehouse workers. Therefore, investing in electric forklifts is a wise choice to help warehouses optimize costs and increase operation productivity. If customers need any more information about electric forklift trucks, please contact us via Hotline 0896.461.728 for support. Yale Forklifts Vietnam is always ready to serve you!

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