Are you looking to buy an electric forklift but don’t know where to start? Do not miss the article below. Continue to follow Yale Forklifts Vietnam step by step to determine the necessary information before buying an electric forklift.

1. Clearly defining your business needs for electric forklifts

Understanding what you need is an important first step for businesses to choose the right electric forklift. It is necessary to clarify the actual use of the electric forklift, the environment and conditions of the warehouse, and the features that the business wants to have in an electric forklift.

1.1. Determining the capacity needs of electric forklifts

Yale ESC030-040AD electric forklift operation

Yale ESC030-040AD electric forklift operation

First of all, let’s determine the right handling needs through the question:

– What type of goods that need to be handled?

– Size, capacity and quantity of the goods that need to be handled?

– What is the racking height?

This preliminary information will help businesses determine the capacity and lifting height that needs to choose a suitable electric forklift.

1.2. Determining the working environment of electric forklifts in the warehouse

Warehouse condition is also an important criterion to be evaluated. For example, moving goods in cold storage requires an electric forklift with a thermal cabin to ensure operator safety. Or forklifts need to be properly designed so as not to damage or be affected in harsh environments.

In the case of rough warehouse conditions, steep slopes or the need to move goods outdoors, businesses need to consider choosing an internal combustion engine forklift instead of an electric forklift.

Just two examples are enough to show how warehouse conditions affect forklift performance. Therefore, do not take this criterion lightly when deciding to invest in an electric forklift.

1.3. Determining the required features of an electric forklift

Some special conditions also pose the problem of necessary features for electric forklifts. For example, operating a forklift in a special warehouse with low light conditions, it is necessary to have working lights, a safety light system, etc. for easy and safe operation.
Businesses prioritize safety and convenience in the process of replacing batteries, then the side battery extraction feature of the Yale electric forklift FB15-35RZ will be a feature that makes businesses happy.

3 wheels electric forklift ERP16-20UXT with the working light and safety light

3 wheels electric forklift ERP16-20UXT with the working light and safety light

2.Learn about the electric forklifts

After determining the basic needs of an electric forklift, next, let’s distinguish the types of trucks. Yale forklifts in particular and most electric forklift brands in general, currently have main types including: 3-wheel electric forklift, 4-wheel electric forklift.

2.1. 4 wheels forklifts

4 wheels electric forklift Yale ERP15-35UX

4 wheels electric forklift Yale ERP15-35UX

4-wheel electric forklift with large capacity, allowing good operation even in conditions of steep slopes, rough terrain. Yale electric forklifts can load up to 5.4 tons, lifting goods to a maximum height of 7m depending on the model.

However, 4-wheel electric forklifts need a large enough space to rotate and stack goods. This option will not be optimal in the case of narrow aisles warehouse.

2.2. 3 wheels electric forklifts

3 wheels and 4 wheels electric forklifts are working in the warehouse

3 wheels and 4 wheels electric forklifts are working in the warehouse

Compared with 4-wheel electric forklift, 3-wheel electric forklift allows moving in a smaller aisle, with a distance of 3.2 – 3.5 meters. The 3 wheels electric forklift can carry goods about 2 tons and can lift up to 6.5 meters (depending on model)

However, the 3-wheel forklift should not be used on rocky terrain. Because the balance is not guaranteed and it is difficult to turn while loading

3. Determine whether to buy a used electric forklift or a new electric forklift

Not all businesses have the need to buy a new electric forklift. While some businesses are confused between two options. Let’s do a comparison between new and used trucks in all aspects to find the answer.

– About technology: New trucks often have new, modern features for higher performance. While second-hand trucks bring the familiarity to the operator.

– About spare parts: spare parts for new models are easy to find while used truck parts sometimes easily fall out of stock or have stopped production.

– About maintenance: Used trucks often do not have warranty services, but only maintain and repair when there is a problem. New trucks will have the latest and most comprehensive after-sales policies from the supplier.

– About delivery time: Secondhand trucks are always available and can be delivered while new trucks take a couple of months to be delivered.

– About price: Secondhand trucks save 30-60% when compared with the same segment and type trucks. This is also one of the important criteria that businesses often base on when deciding whether to buy a secondhand or new electric forklift.

4. Choosing a reputable electric forklift supplier

Electric forklift is not a small investment. Therefore, whether buying new, buying second hand trucks or using electric forklift rental service, businesses need to choose for themselves a reputable supplier.

Most forklift products currently on the market are manufactured from abroad and imported into Vietnam. Make a list of suppliers that match your business needs then compare aspects such as quality, product type, genuineness, experience of the brand in the market, evaluation of old customers… before deciding to invest money in.

Yale Forklifts Vietnam is a genuine supplier of Yale forklifts (Yale Forklifts brand with more than 150 years of experience from the US) in the Vietnam market. With showrooms and warranty centers in 2 big cities, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, you can directly visit, choose and repair your truck very easily.

Yale Forklifts Vietnam currently offers the service of buying new and second-hand/used electric forklifts; electric forklift rental service; repair and maintenance service with Yale genuine spare parts.

The above is the information that businesses can refer to before buying an electric forklift. Yale Forklifts Vietnam is the exclusive supplier of electric forklift products and Yale forklift parts in Vietnam. With many years of experience in the market, Yale Forklifts Vietnam is confident to be an effective arm to support businesses in choosing quality and satisfactory forklifts. Do not hesitate to contact us via hotline 0896.461.728 for specific consultation.

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