It is no coincidence that the Yale seated Reach Truck series are popular with many customers. The application of these forklift models inside the warehouse is increasing which help customers to optimize the handling performance and synchronize the process of transporting goods in the warehouse.

Therefore, after the MR14-25 series – originating in Italy, the Yale Lift Truck Technologies brand has launched a series of Reach truck MR14-16 – made in China but with the synchronized design and technology. Join Yale Forklifts Vietnam to list the outstanding advantages that create the value of the Reach Truck MR14-16 series!

1. Modern design:

To produce the Yale Reach Truck MR14-16 model, the manufacturer has undergone a very thorough research process, especially at the design stage. This forklift model has a strong overhead guard and frame, which helps the truck operate flexibly and safely in warehouses with high density of goods.

The modern design makes the Reach Truck MR14-16 widely used in warehouses with narrow aisles. The large control compartment design, flexible lever helps increase operating efficiency for the driver. The load capacity of the forklift model MR14-16 is up to 1,400 to 1,600 kg.


What are the advantages of the Yale reach truck MR series?

What are the advantages of the Yale reach truck MR series?


2. High applicability:

With the above optimal design, the MR14-16 reach truck model is widely used in many warehouses. Especially, for warehouses with limited area, narrow aisles, high density of goods, this is an optimal choice. The way to operate this reach truck is not too complicated, the manufacturer always has the guidance book followed by. Besides, as an exclusive distributor of the Yale forklift brand in Vietnam, the Yale Forklifts Vietnam team when handing over the truck also provides direct guidance and safety training so that customers can operate the forklift safely.

With an advanced operating mechanism, the driver will be comfortable to control and optimize the working capacity of the forklift. This model is commonly used in retail, food, materials or general freight forwarding warehouses. In addition, cold stores also apply this forklift model quite a lot.


Reach Truck is widely used in warehouse racking systems with narrow aisles and high density of goods

Reach Truck is widely used in warehouse racking systems with narrow aisles and high density of goods


3. Maximum durability, durable operation:

This forklift model is constructed of high-quality, durable materials. That’s how manufacturers help customers and businesses save repair and replacement costs. Moreover, the reach truck MR series helps the driver to set a password, select the automatic lifting height, and smoother the lifting mode, helping to ensure that the driver operates efficiently, comfortably and safely.

With a sturdy pillar design, the load capacity of the Yale Reach Truck MR14-16 is stable when lifting goods at the maximum lifting height (9500mm). The operator also has a wide field of vision, ensuring safety when operating. This forklift model has a sturdy step design, a handle to help climb up, and a handle that can be flexibly adjusted.


Easy to operate, maximum performance

Easy to operate, maximum performance


Above are the advantages that make up the value of the MR14-16 reach truck. This is an advanced model of reach truck that allows for continuous operation, with optimal speed, accuracy and flexibility. As a result, handling goods activities at logistics warehouses are carried out smoothly and efficiently.

If customers need more detailed advice about Reach Truck MR14-16 in particular and other Yale brand forklift models in general please contact us via Hotline: 0896.461.728 for support. Yale Forklifts Vietnam is ready to serve you!

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