Each type of forklift has its own advantages and disadvantages that suit different industries. Which is the industry that is suitable to use electric forklift? What are the outstanding benefits that make electric forklift become a worthy investment? Let’s find out in the below article:

1. Benefits when using electric forklift?

– Low cost of maintenance: electric forklift design provided an easier and faster repair maintenance job. Besides, it also helps reduce the spare part’s wear and tear.

– Low cost of operation and fuel: According to the statistics, the average operation cost of an electric forklift is about 2-3 degrees of electricity per working hour. Based on a working shift, an electric forklift consumes 16-24 degrees of electricity which can cost 70,000vnd per day. Compared to 24 liter of diesel which cost about 600,000 vnd per day, electric forklift operation cost is much lower than operating a diesel forklift.

Because of emission free feature, electric forklifts are suitable for using inside warehouse

Because of emission free feature, electric forklifts are suitable for using inside warehouse 

– Emission free feature: this is one of the advantages of electric forklift when compared to ICE forklift (diesel, LPG, petrol)… Creating none emission not only provides a safe workplace for operators but also creates a positive impact to the environment.

– Low noise: Lithium Ion or Lead Acid battery’s electric forklift provides a mild operation.

2. Specific industries which give priority to electric forklift

Because of the less emission, low noise and mild operation. Electric forklift is a priority when it comes to choosing suitable forklift for the below industries

2.1. Retail – E-commerce:

Nowaday, e-commerce has become a familiar phrase. When we mention e-commerce, we usually think about fast and convenient purchases. Customers can choose lots of products, types, sizes, quantities,etc in one transaction. Fast and accurate operations as well as packing procedures are also an issue of e-commerce fields.

Yale electric forklift working inside warehouse

Yale electric forklift working inside warehouse

Reason why electric forklift suitable for this industry:

– Fast, mild and effective operation.

– Emission free, suitable for using inside the warehouse.

2.2. Food and Beverage

Product safety is an issue for the food and beverage industry because fragile goods need to be delicately handled and cannot be stacked too high.

Besides, food and beverages are usually stocked inside warehouses, that is why electric forklift with emission free features will perfectly suit this industry.

2.3. Pharmaceutical 

One of the industries with high requirements for storage conditions is pharmaceuticals. Because of product characteristics, the storage, the storage, preservation and transportation of goods in this field need to be very careful.

Pharmaceutical warehouses are often divided into different areas such as: drug storage area, material receiving area, finish product storage, etc. Each area needs to ensure a certain temperature.

Pharmaceutical warehouse with special storage requirements required using electric forklifts

Pharmaceutical warehouse with special storage requirements required using electric forklifts

A compact, flexible electric forklift will be the optimal choice. Not only helps to save travel time,  but also ensure product quality between different environmental conditions. Besides, electric forklifts create none emission which is suitable for working inside the warehouse.

The above are just the industries that often use electric forklifts to handle goods. Please contact Hotline: 0896.461.728 or leave your information so Yale Forklifts Vietnam can consult you about the electric forklift series that suits your operation.

3. What are the advantages when choosing electric forklift from Yale Forklifts Vietnam? 

Yale Forklifts Vietnam is the exclusive dealer of Yale Forklifts brand in Viet Nam

Yale Forklifts Vietnam is the exclusive dealer of Yale Forklifts brand in Viet Nam

3.1. Exclusive dealer of Yale material handling equipment and genuine spare parts in Viet Nam

Yale Forklifts Vietnam is a company which supplies genuine Yale brand forklift in the Vietnamese market. Customers can easily visit, test the truck as well as doing maintenance service in 2 Showrooms in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi city.

3.2. Variety of services:

Yale Forklifts Vietnam now provides the service of buying new and second-hand/used forklifts, rental service, repair and maintenance service using Yale genuine spare parts.

Customers can refer the service that Yale Forklifts Vietnam are providing as the below information:

* Purchasing Service:

– Genuine imported truck and spare parts.

– Guarantee 1 year or 2000 working hours (based on which conditions come first) warranty and 3 times visit included maintenance.

– An American forklift brand with more than 150 years of experience in the material handling equipment industry which deeply understands customer’s inside will help produce and consult suitable forklifts for each type of operation.

 * Rental service:

– 24/7 service, 365 days/year

– Genuine common spare parts always available at our warehouse

– Periodic maintenance: once every 7-10 days. Quick repair and also have a backup unit while repairing a breakdown truck.

* Operating training

– Provide detailed operation training and periodic maintenance for operators.

Above is some information related to electric forklifts, focusing on the industries that should use this type of forklift to handle goods. This article also includes the advantages that Customers will have when choosing Yale Forklifts Vietnam’s electric forklift purchasing or rental service. Please feel free to contact us via Hotline: 0896.461.728 or leave your information below to have a quick and proper forklift consultation. 

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