Diesel forklifts bring great benefits to customers during operation and operation in factories and warehouses. Helps to transport, load and unload materials and heavy goods, saving labor, optimizing work completion time. Here are the industries that cannot be without the role of diesel forklifts. Let’s find out more information with Yale Forklifts Vietnam!

1. Features of diesel forklifts:

Diesel forklift is a truck that uses fuel such as diesel to operate. This type of forklift has the ability to operate very strongly, the advantage is that there is no need to wait for the battery to be fully charged like an electric forklift.

In addition, diesel forklifts are easy to repair if there is a problem, the speed is fast. In particular, the truck can be used in a variety of terrain, and can operate in both indoor and outdoor environments without affecting the truck’s productivity.

Features of diesel forklift

Features of diesel forklift

2. Specific industries which give priority to diesel forklifts:

Building materials industry:
Diesel forklifts with large loads will become an effective supporter to replace workers and improve the plant’s operational productivity in the face of scarcity of human resources. Using diesel forklifts helps customers optimize operating costs thanks to the ability to operate continuously along with advantages such as:

– Loading and unloading goods quickly, capacity is about 20-40 tons of goods in just 1 hour

– Only need 1 forklift operator

– Simple operation with reasonable investment cost

Wood industry and wood processing:

Investing in a diesel forklift will be the optimal solution if you are in the woodworking and manufacturing business. The natural wood panels, plywood with a large capacity, after pressing the finished products will be packed and transported by forklifts to the container.

Diesel forklifts bring many benefits to the manufacturing and construction sectors.

Diesel forklifts bring many benefits to the manufacturing and construction sectors.

Animal feed industry:

In an animal feed factory, the transportation of finished products plays a very important role. If customers use the manual method, businesses have to hire dozens or even hundreds of workers to deliver goods. However, this method does not bring high economic efficiency because the labor cost is too much. The solution for this case is a forklift truck specializing in transportation to increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

Chemical fertilizers:

Similar to other fields, the application of forklifts in the chemical fertilizer industry plays a role in optimizing the transportation process for the chemical supply chain, from raw materials to finished product distribution. Using diesel forklifts, customers can optimize operational productivity, reduce costs and keep production lines running smoothly.

Yale diesel forklifts - 1st choice for business

Yale diesel forklifts – 1st choice for business

Yale forklifts help save fuel, are durable, and bring high economic efficiency in many fields. Yale products also integrate intelligent functions to help control the best performance. This is considered a high-return investment, suitable for manufacturing businesses. For detailed information about Yale forklifts, please contact Hotline: 0896.461.728 for Yale Forklifts Vietnam to have the opportunity to serve.

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