Diesel forklifts are one of the necessary MHEs in factories, warehouses, logistics warehouses, and other working environments because of its outstanding advantages such as resistance to many climates, different terrains, or its productivity can work many hours continuously… Therefore, choosing a forklift with high reliability and good quality is always a top concern.

When researching to decide to invest in a Diesel forklift for work, customers will receive a lot of information that an old forklift or a secondhand forklift has higher cost-efficiency.

Nevertheless, the investment and use of used forklifts is the most optimal solution for saving costs or not? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s find out more in the article below:


According to investment in used forklift, there are many benefits that can be enumerated. Here are some highlights:

Cost saving

One of the most prominent benefits of using used forklifts is cost efficiency Comparing to spending hundred millions to own a new diesel forklift, you could pay a smaller amount, sometimes twice as cheap as new one with acceptable working capacity at reliable companies and suppliers.

Increasing the number of forklifts that could be purchased

Along with the cost savings, the remaining budget could be enough to buy another used forklift. Investing in second-hand one with good condition can increase your commodity purchasing power, which means investing in more trucksmachinery, improving labor productivity, but still can save money.

Availability of sources

Nowadays, we can easily find a lot of available used forklifts in any forklift dealers in the Vietnamese market instead of waiting for importing new trucks. Yale forklifts for rent or purchasing


No Guarantee of Quality

Used trucks do not have any guarantee that it can work with 100% or 70-80% capacity. You do not have any specific foundation to define a truck performance by looking into the truck color, appearance or supplier’s guarantee.

High cost of maintenance

Diesel forklifts require regular maintenance. breakdown could happen more frequently with second-hand trucks. Therefore, the maintenance fee could be increased very high compared to the maintenance fee for the new forklifts  a new truck.

Shortage of spare parts

Second-hand forklifts often have problems with common or breakdown spare parts.  due to the shortage of spare parts such as obsolete models of truck, discontinued or rare spare parts.

Genuine Yale forklift spare part always available in stock

Frequent breakdowns

Because the second-hand diesel forklifts have been used for a long time, it is obvious that problems occur frequently. This not only affects work efficiency but also wastes time of waiting fixed or importing and replacing spare parts.

Inadequate warranty policy

Second-hand forklifts also come with different warranties. However, those terms are usually limited and sometimes it only lasts 30 days with the warranty only applied to some specific part of that truck. warranty, repair and maintenance service is the pride of Yale Forklifts Vietnam

In conclusion, choosing a second-hand or new diesel forklift is always a difficult thing when it comes to investment and budget for every company.  It is considered that, if you only need to operate less than 4 hours a day, buying a second-hand diesel forklift is a better choice to invest in.

However, you need to consider carefully and be consulted by a person that has extensive experience. In that way, you could choose a used truck with guaranteed quality.

Remember that new diesel forklifts always bring higher performance for a long time. If you want to have a long-term investment, it could be the perfect one.

At Yale Forklifts Vietnam, with our well-trained and experienced technicians we can ensure to evaluate a second-hand truck whether it is in good condition or not.   Yale Forklifts Vietnam is not only a MHEs and spare parts supplier but also a reliable partner.

If you want to experience Yale service or test a forklift performance, please contact Yale Forklifts Vietnam or Hotline 0896.461.728 for further information.

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