Reach truck is a specialized vehicle for handling goods in factories and warehouses with high racking systems. Reach trucks are especially suitable when moving in narrow terrain, warehouses without too much space with high density of goods. Many businesses are interested in investing in reach trucks but do not really have much information about this vehicle. Let’s follow Yale Forklifts Vietnam learns about the advantages and disadvantages of reach trucks in the article below.

1. Advantages of stand-on Reach Truck:

Reach Truck electric forklift has not only 1 but 3 different operating types: stand-on, seated and even specialized forklifts in very narrow warehouses. In which the stand-on reach truck is used more often because it is relatively suitable for the Asian working style, with the design of the mast is extremely stable, the turning radius is narrower than the seated  reach truck, the steering wheel is convenient for the driver.


Stand-on reach trucks are easier to control

Stand-on reach trucks are easier to control


The operator will have a comfortable operating space, easy up and down operation thanks to the low platform, smooth movement in the racking system with narrow aisles, and the warehouse does not have too many empty positions. Besides, this type of car is favored by the following advantages:

– Fuel saving: Because it is operated by electricity from the battery, it only needs to be fully charged to operate, without spending money on internal combustion fuels such as diesel/ gas/petrol…It is also an environmentally friendly solution.

– The size is more compact than the seated reach truck so it is easy to operate in racking systems with narrow aisles.

– Easy to start the reach truck and easy to drive with its ergonomic design. The experience for the operator when lifting and arranging goods is also more comfortable thanks to the ergonomic design. Wide view, the operator can observe obstacles from all directions when operating.


2. Does the stand-on Reach Truck have disadvantages?

Most customers have a general comment after using that the forklift uses PU wheels, so it is only suitable for working in warehouses with flat, non-rugged surfaces. It is necessary to limit movement through other areas if there is a pull track or a protruding door step, because it is easy to damage the wheels.

In addition, the driver who works for a long time will be quite tired because he has to stand continuously. In addition, the stand on reach truck can only lift goods up to 3 tons but from a height of 6 meters or more, the reach truck’s load will be gradually reduced and the residual capacity will be based on the truck manufacturer’s design.

In addition, the time required to fully charge the battery is 6-7 hours, so for customers who operate the reach trucks in 3 shifts will need to invest in a spare battery.


The seated reach truck will help operator not get tired when driving for a long time

The seated reach truck will help operator not get tired when driving for a long time


3. Reach truck application:

Usually, the object of using Reach trucks is the operator or controller, who must regularly go in and out of the warehouse to check goods, retrieve product information… Or warehouses with high-shelf warehouse systems. More specifically, the warehouses of beverage, pharmaceutical, manufacturing or some other types of warehouses include frozen food distribution or finished goods warehouses, light-load warehouses and high-shelf goods.


Reach truck can lift goods in racking systems up to 12 meters high

Reach truck can lift goods in racking systems up to 12 meters high


More specifically, the capacity of these trucks are very flexible, with loads ranging from 1250 – 3000 kg, the height can be lifted up to 11, 12 meters. So this is definitely the right choice for customers who want to move conveniently while the warehouse is dense with goods. Or want to lift goods to a high rack.

The Reach truck series has a lot of interesting things that we will reveal to our customers in the upcoming series of articles. If customers need to learn more or want to consult a specific forklift model, do not forget to contact us via Hotline: 0896.461.728 for support. Yale Forklifts Vietnam is ready to serve you!

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