Electric forklifts are important equipment in lifting and unloading goods at warehouses. Yale electric forklifts are also diverse, suitable for many different needs and industries of businesses.

The four products highly appreciated by customers below are all electric counterbalanced forklifts. The highlight of the counterweight design is to help the truck be stable and balanced when operating. Based on the balance between the weight of the cargo and the vehicle structure, the truck can operate stably. Specifically, what are the advantages of each type of truck, please refer to the below content with Yale Forklifts Vietnam

1. 3 wheels electric forklift ERP030-040VT – Made in America

1.1. Specifications:

– Capacity: 1,360 – 1,814kg

– Lifting height: 3,000-6500mm

– Battery type: Lead Acid / Lithium

1.2. Outstanding features:

– The ERP030-40VT 3-wheel electric forklift is designed for outstanding maneuverability. With a turning radius less than 1.6m, the dual AC drive motor gives the ERP030-40VT the leading maneuverability in the same segment. Meet the needs of lifting and lowering goods even in narrow aisles warehouses.

– Comfortable, spacious footrest design for forklift operators. The floor mats are made of rubber which help absorb shocks and limit vibrations transmitted from the engine to the driver.

– The automatic braking system is activated when the truck is stopped, simplifying movement for the operator.


3-wheel electric forklifts Yale ERP-VT series operating in the warehouse


– AC motor provides strong acceleration, fast travel speed (with or without load) and fast lifting/lowering speed

– The thermal control system helps limit engine heat, ensuring the truck is always in a stable operating state. The truck can reach 16km/h (when fully loaded) which is a speed that not all trucks in the same segment can achieve.

– Through tests (specifically the VDI Energy Cycle Standardized Test), the ERP-VT series is rated to consume less energy than its competitors. This helps businesses reduce operating costs as well as limit the impact on the environment.

1.3. Benefits: 

– Many customers choose the ERP030-40VT 3-wheel electric forklift because the design offers outstanding maneuverability

– Made in the USA with strict factory standards, ERP030-40VT is integrated with many modern technologies for powerful performance, along with effective energy saving capabilities.

– In addition to saving energy, ERP030-40VT is also designed to maximize operating time, with a spacious engine compartment which helps to reduce maintenance and repair time.

– Above all, the ERP030-40VT as well as other popular Yale brand forklifts is thanks to the Yale Forklifts brand reputation proven from quality products and dedicated, professional after-sales service.

2. 4 wheels electric forklift FB15-35RZ – Made in Japan

2.1. Specifications: 

– Capacity: 1.5 – 3.5 tấn 1,5-3,5 tons

– Lifting height : 3,000 – 6,000mm

– Capacity type: Lead Acid / Lithium

2.2. Outstanding features:

– Made in Japan, the FB15-35RZ 4-wheel electric forklift is characterized by a “Japanese standard” product: safety, stability and reliable performance.

– AC controlled motor and wheels, FB15-35RZ has strong operability. In addition, applying regenerative braking technology allows the battery to be recharged when braking. This 4-wheel electric truck helps increase operating time by saving maximum battery energy.

– Thanks to the combination of the mast and the speed control system when cornering, the FB15-35RZ provides safety for the driver and limits damage to goods.

– Another safety feature of the FB15-35RZ electric forklift is the operator presence system; the forklift automatically stops operating when the operator leaves the cabin.

4-wheel forklift FB15-35RZ with the horizontal battery extraction

Another special feature of the electric forklift FB15-35RZ is that it allows the operator to remove the battery horizontally. Helping the battery replace easily, fast and safely.

2.3. Benefits: 

– The FB15-35RZ electric forklift is made in Japan with high standards for safety, stability and reliable performance.

– The production in the Japanese factory also helps Yale Forklifts take advantage of the understanding of the specific working culture of Asian businesses.

– In addition, the 4-wheel electric forklift FB15-35RZ is chosen by many customers because of the commonality and availability of spare parts. Provide a quick maintenance and repair service so it can maintain operating stability.

3. 4 wheels electric forklift ERP15-35UX – Made in China

3.1. Specifications:

– Capacity: 1.5 – 3.5 tấn 1,5-3,5 tons

– Lifting height: 3,300 – 6,000mm

– Battery type: Lead Acid / Lithium

3.2. Outstanding features:

– UX series is Yale Forklifts prioritized production in China with quality standards which are monitored from the Parent company. The ERP15-35UX 4-wheel electric forklift is also made in China to take advantage of the manufacturing industry here. Therefore, we provide you the electric forklift series that can be the best in optimal investment cost.

– The ERP15-35UX uses a brushless AC motor for stable performance with minimal maintenance.

– CANbus technology is applied to make fault diagnosis and operating parameters simple and fast. In addition, readily available, genuine and low-cost spare parts help optimize maintenance and repair costs. Make sure the forklift is always in continuous operation.

3.3. Benefits

– UX Series in general and ERP 15-35 UX in particular is selected by customers because of its suitability. Suitable in terms of operating performance and investment costs.

ERP 15-35 UX 4-wheel electric forklift has low investment and operating costs

– The 4-wheel electric forklift ERP15-35UX is a product series manufactured to meet the demand of owning a series of electric forklifts with stable performance that quality guaranteed by the Yale Forklifts brand, with low investment and operating costs.

4. 3 wheels electric forklift ERP16-20UXT – Made in China

4.1. Specifications:

– Capacity: 1.6 – 2.0 tấn 1.6-2.0 tons

– Lifting height: 3,000-6,500mm

– Battery type: Lead Acid / Lithium

4.2. Outstanding features:

– All forklifts from Yale Forklifts are designed to meet operator comforts. The ERP16-20UXT 3-wheel electric forklift is not an exception such as:

– The cabin part simulates the seat of a car to help the operator feel comfortable while driving the truck.

– The seat is high and located above the engine compartment. Combined with the high mast helps expand the field of view. It supports safety truck control, easier and more flexible when lifting and lowering goods.

ERP16-20UXT is a common 3-wheel electric forklift from Yale Forklifts

In terms of performance, the ERP16-20UXT uses a brushless AC motor. This design helps the engine to less wear out, save energy and still ensure the capacity. AC motors in electric trucks do not require regular maintenance like diesel and gas forklifts….

Like other UX models, ERP16-20UXT is also focused to optimize investment costs and minimize operating costs of customers.

4.3. Benefits: 

Beside the popular reason why customers choose ERP16-20UXT because of low investment and operating costs, many customers also choose this model because of its ability to operate flexibly even in the narrow aisles warehouses.

Turning radius is only 1.6 – 1.7m, combined with 3-wheel design and smooth brushless AC motor, ERP16-20UXT electric forklift can operate efficiently and meets the needs of operating goods in narrow aisle warehouses.

Each series of electric forklifts from the Yale Forklifts brand has advantages and is suitable for different needs of customers.

With a wide range of products along with the ability to customize specifications and integrate flexible features, Yale Forklifts is confident that the above 04 outstanding electric forklifts will meet all needs of our customers.

Customers who need more information about quality forklift trucks with professional and dedicated service, please leave your information below or contact Hotline: 0896.461.728 so that Yale Forklifts Vietnam has the opportunity to be served !

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