Low Intensity Applications Trucks: The Yale UX Series

Having carried out extensive user research and analysing customers’ needs and pain points, Yale identified a demand for products that are used intermittently, but are still capable of high levels of efficiency and productivity. As a result, ­the Yale® UX Series was launched in 2020. These products are ideal for customers focussed on applications that call for intermittent use, with a requirement for a truck that is capable of undertaking high priority tasks

Matt Hardy, Yale Solutions Manager EMEA, said: “Our UX series was developed after gathering customer insight. We realised the opportunity to offer a range of solutions at an affordable price to customers who need responsive materials handling equipment for less demanding operations.”

The Yale range extension includes two warehouse trucks, the MS15UX pedestrian stacker and the MP20XUX platform pallet truck, and three counterbalance trucks, the GP20-35UX, the four-wheel electric ERP15-35UX as well as the three-wheel electric ERP16-20UXT.

For operations that necessitate a forklift or warehouse truck to move loads, but are not used for many hours per day, the new Yale® trucks offer a solution to fulfil customer’s needs across all industries and also companies of all sizes.

The MS15UX is a highly controllable and agile pedestrian stacker with lift capability suitable for a range of operator heights and experience levels.

Link product: MS15UX (yale.com.vn)

While the MP20XUX is ideal for productive horizontal transportation and vehicle loading and offloading.

Link product: MP20XUX (yale.com.vn)

Engineered to deliver high productivity in general purpose applications, the GP20-35UX has an ergonomically designed operator compartment with easy reach controls and a clear 3.5 inch LCD display.

Link product: GP20-35UX (yale.com.vn)

The ERP15-35UX is an energy-efficient electric fork lift truck with highly responsive steering, which optimises manoeuvrability for confined spaces.

Link product: ERP15-35UX (yale.com.vn)

A new addition to the UX Series has been introduced in 2021 with the ERP16-20UXT, a three-wheel electric counterbalance truck. Capable of high levels of efficiency and productivity, the truck is an affordable solution for companies who require straight forward load movements at a low cost of ownership.

Link product: ERP16-20UXT (yale.com.vn)

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