At Yale Forklifts, we don’t just invest in forklifts with outstanding features and technology. Understanding the market needs and business concerns from the smallest factors, Yale forklift products are also designed to optimize energy and contribute to environmental protection. So how can Yale Forklifts research and come up with green solutions for technology & logistics products? Let’s find out with Yale Forklifts Vietnam in the below article.

1. Yale Forklifts design process:

Yale Forklifts are manufactured according to the famous strategy of Yale Forklifts brand – DFT (Demand Flow Technology) – manufacture according to the needs of research and analysis of customer habits. With this strategy, we can optimize the operating and production costs of forklifts, ensuring timely supply with efficient use in accordance with the specific needs of each customer.

In the product development process, 7 values ​​that Yale Forklifts always aim for are: Safety – Quality – Delivery Time – Cost – Ethics and Environment. With more than 150 years of experience in the handling equipment manufacturing industry and distributing products to more than 150 dealers worldwide, it can be said that Yale Forklifts products not only meet the needs of each business in the present, but also towards sustainable development and harmony with nature and environment in the future.

Many products at Yale Forklifts are now equipped with modern features such as HiP mode (High Performance) with a maximum travel speed of 16.0 km/h (when loaded) or ECO-eLo mode (Energy Saving) for low energy consumption and reduced emissions, and other options to meet the needs of each customer.

It can be said that technology is the key to help Yale Forklifts create breakthroughs in products and services, and create a positive impact on the environment.To manufacture a forklift, the basic process at Yale Forklifts includes:

– Researching customers’ needs, habits, operating and working processes

– Launching a test truck

– Evaluate the performance of the model truck, receive feedback from customers

– Finalize, continue to test the truck model

– Acceptance of the products, starting the mass production process

2. Yale brand forklifts are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly:

2.1.  Reducing emissions to the environment from forklifts:

The Yale forklift brand provides two main types of forklifts: electric forklifts and internal combustion engine forklifts (diesel, petrol, gas). Some models of Yale forklifts use internal combustion engines which are designed to reduce emissions and be environmentally friendly.

Yale products ensure savings energy, as well as maintenance costs. We continuously research, invest and improve technology to meet the goals of environmental protection, operating safety. Along with that, the ability to work flexibly and sustainably for a long time is also a strong point of Yale forklifts. Yale’s internal combustion engine forklifts can operate flexibly in many different environments, from the indoors to the outdoors of the factory, meeting the needs of many heavy-duty industries such as:

– Agriculture

– Construction, construction materials

– Cargo transportation, logistics

– Wood, materials, scraps

heavy-duty forklift model GDP130-160EF with the capacity up to 16 tons

We can mention the heavy-duty forklift model GDP130-160EF with the capacity up to 16 tons, designed with a standard stage IV engine using Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), a Diesel Oxygen Catalyst (DOC) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to significantly reduce emission levels. Two modes that stand-out from the Yale forklift truck are High Performance mode (HiP) maximizes engine power and torque for hydraulic and drive functions,  Economy mode (ECO –eLo) makes the throttle reaction less aggressive, saving fuel by reducing maximum engine speed.

2.2.  Reduce forklift fuel and energy consumption:

Yale electric forklifts are a solution to overcome many disadvantages of internal combustion engine forklifts. This type of forklift helps to reduce emissions to the environment to a minimum while saving fuel. New technology continues to be the key to ensuring that the forklift’s energy consumption is minimized while still meeting performance.

The Yale 4-wheel electric forklift truck which optimize investment costs and generate zero emissions ERP15-35UX, with capacity up to 3500kg

The Yale 4-wheel electric forklift truck which optimize investment costs and generate zero emissions ERP15-35UX, with capacity up to 3500kg

Yale Electric Forklifts offer customers powerful performance and a wide range of lifting height, along with excellent ergonomic, stable operation and easy maintenance. Designed for load handling operations in factories that require zero-emissions, low noise, high-capacity operation, as well as good operation in low-temperature environments such as the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, products, frozen food,…


FB15-35RZ  electric counterbalance forklift series with strong performance, stable operationFB15-35RZ  electric counterbalance forklift series with strong performance, stable operation


FB15-35RZ counterbalance forklift with strong performance. Applying regenerative braking technology, allowing battery energy to be recovered when braking, helping to increase operating time by saving maximum battery energy.

When choosing a Yale forklift, customers should focus on the initial investment costs, operating costs as well as the needs of using the forklift. Yale forklifts have been designed to optimize uptime and performance, minimizing repair, maintenance, and servicing costs. Please contact Hotline: 0896.461.728 – Yale Forklifts Vietnam will provide you the consultation and selection of suitable forklift trucks according to your fields and characteristics of your factories.

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