Forklift is one of the necessary investment items when customers want to operate warehouses and factories efficiently. But the price of electric forklifts is still a thing that makes customers concerned and they have not found a reputable place to buy. Yale Forklifts Vietnam will bring you the most up-to-date general price information and price list.

1. What factors does the price of a forklift depend on?

Investing in forklifts is necessary for businesses, but how much investment does not have a fixed number. Because there are so many corresponding quality levels and functions that suit different types of warehouse application.

In this article, Yale Forklifts Vietnam will reveal to customers the factors that affect the price of a forklift:

1.1. Productivity and lifting height:

Productivity is related to the maximum load weight that the forklift can lift and how long the forklift can operate per day. The lifting height is quite simple to visualize. Of course, if customers are looking to buy a large capacity and can lift the goods to a high rack forklift, the price will be higher.

Forklift price will depend on many different factors

Forklift price will depend on many different factors

1.2. Manufacturer brand:

This affects not only forklift prices, but most industries. The more famous the brand, the higher the price will be even if the truck configuration is similar. But it is because the higher-end brand can ensure the quality of products and provide better support services during use.

In addition, customers can refer to the Yale forklifts brand – one of the oldest forklift brands in the world – more than 150 years old. The price of Yale forklifts is always commensurate with the quality and support service before, during and after the sale.

1.3. Electric forklifts cost more than internal combustion forklifts:

Although electric forklifts have to bear additional costs for batteries, chargers, and periodic replacement of batteries, electric costs are cheaper than fuel costs such as diesel, petrol, and gas. Besides, electric forklifts also operate more smoothly, less noise and are less harmful to the environment.

In contrast, internal combustion engine forklifts (diesel/petrol/gas) will have the initial investment cost lower than an electric forklift. But the costs for fuel, maintenance, and spare parts of a diesel forklift will be more than an electric one. Besides, emissions from the ICE trucks also cause environmental pollution.

2. The latest updated forklift price list:

So, if you want to get the most accurate reference price and advice on forklifts which is suitable for the needs of each business, please contact:

Hotline: 0896.461.728

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Yale Forklifts Vietnam is ready to provide you with the suitable solution and quotes.

Please contact Yale Forklifts Vietnam for a suitable solution and quotation

Please contact Yale Forklifts Vietnam for a suitable solution and quotation

3. Should customers buy a second-hand forklift because of the cheap price?

Some businesses are concerned about the option to buy used forklifts to reduce initial investment costs. Usually, the price of a second-hand forklift can be as cheap as ⅔, even half compared to buying a new unit. But is this a safe option?

In fact, the advantage of buying a second-hand forklift is only in the low price, while other important factors such as the working time, warranty conditions, quality assurance, repair costs… are not equal when compared to a new forklift. The advice we send to our customers is that if your working time is more than 4 hours per day, you should invest in a new forklift.

Buying a second-hand or new forklift is also a concern of many business owners

Buying a second-hand or new forklift is also a concern of many business owners

New forklifts will ensure productivity, and have a long lifespan. Besides, a new forklift will help customers save repair costs, and cause no interruption in your operation because of forklift breakdown.

Thus, Yale Forklift Vietnam has just outlined how to help customers with the information about the factors that affect the price of the forklift and how to make the right choice for your business. We are a genuine supplier of Yale forklifts with good prices and full warranty.

Please contact Yale Forklifts Vietnam via Hotline: 0896.461.728 for more advice on warehouse solutions and forklifts suitable for each customer’s needs.

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