Forklift is a common machine to transport goods of many businesses and industries. Forklifts are specialized vehicles, so they have a variety of designs in terms of size, capacity, design, engine and features.

So how can we distinguish the most common types of forklifts today? Benefits and applications of forklifts that customers should know before choosing? All of the above questions will be answered by Yale Forklifts Vietnam in the article below:

1. How to classify forklifts?

Forklift is not only a specialized vehicle, it is considered one of the most efficient and convenient means of transporting goods and materials on the market today.


Forklifts provide durable, multi-functional tasks using

Forklifts provide durable, multi-functional tasks using


Because of the variety of vehicles from models, sizes, engines and features, forklifts have been classified into different groups. Depending on the main purpose of use, there will be vehicles suitable for the characteristics of each industry.

Generally, forklifts are classified into the following groups:

– According to the use environment: forklift used for normal storage, cool storage and cold storage.

– By way of operation: With the common classification of forklifts according to the way they operate, we can divide forklifts into groups, including: Hand pallet jack, stand on forklifts, seated forklifts, reach trucks, stand-on pallet trucks, walkie pallet trucks, tow tractors,..

– By type of fuel: When classifying forklifts according to fuel used, it is divided into 2 main groups including: forklifts with internal combustion engines (diesel/petrol/gas)electric forklifts (using Lead Acid/Lithium-Ion battery).


2. Top 5 benefits of forklifts:

The appearance of forklifts has brought enormous and important benefits to the production process. Forklifts are an effective solution to help business owners optimize time, effort and costs. Forklifts also help workers reduce fatigue and bring high work efficiency.

Some of the benefits of forklifts include:

– Increased productivity: Forklifts help increase work productivity thanks to the ability to quickly and accurately handle and move goods, saving time and labor.

– Occupational safety: Using a forklift reduces the risk of accidents and injuries as forklifts are designed with safety features such as braking, CSE and warning systems to ensure operator and other staff safety.

– Optimize storage space: Forklifts make efficient use of storage space by helping to lift goods onto high racking systems. This helps save space and maximizes storage capacity for the customer’s warehouse.

– Limiting damage to goods: Using forklifts helps to minimize possible damage to goods during transportation. Forklifts are designed to ensure the safety of goods, avoiding unnecessary bumps and damage.

– Diverse needs: Forklifts are designed with different sizes, capacity and different lifting capabilities, suitable for the diverse needs of factories and warehouses of customers.

– Depending on the warehouse application, customers can choose a small size, capacity forklift to use in a warehouse with narrow aisles or a large size, capacity forklift to move and lift heavy goods. This ensures that the forklift can meet the specific requirements of each industry.


Forklift is the solution to optimize time, effort and cost for production activities of enterprises

Forklift is the solution to optimize time, effort and cost for production activities of enterprises


3. Top 5 applications of forklifts:

Forklifts are not only widely used in the production and business process, they also help many different industries. Customers can easily see forklifts used everywhere such as warehouses, ports, docks, construction sites, distribution centers… So what are the most common applications of forklifts?

– Moving and arranging pallets: Pallet movers are commonly used to transport and arrange goods. Help optimize time and effort, and improve the process of loading, unloading and storing goods

– Applications in warehouses: lifting goods to high shelves, moving heavy goods to optimize storage space

– Use in cold storage: Forklifts are specially designed to operate in low-temperature environments, such as cold storage. They have antifreeze and thermal insulation features to ensure safe and efficient operation in cold environments.

– Applications in the manufacturing industry: Forklifts are used in the manufacturing industry to flexibly and quickly transport manufacturing materials, components and finished products. Forklifts help improve production lines, increase productivity and reduce waiting times.

– Applications in loading and unloading from containers: Forklifts are used to load and unload goods into or out of containers. They are capable of lifting and moving pallets in containers to facilitate the transportation of goods and loading and unloading in areas such as seaports, warehouses and production facilities.


Forklifts are widely used in many fields of production and business

Forklifts are widely used in many fields of production and business


Hopefully, the above article provides customers with useful information to classify today’s common forklifts and the benefits and applications of forklifts. If customers need to find a reputable address providing genuine forklifts in the market, please contact Yale Forklifts Vietnam at Hotline: 0896.461.728 for advice and the best quote.


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