Usually when deciding to invest in a forklift, most people are only interested in the initial cost of buying the forklift. In fact, for that forklift to go into production, the costs are much higher than that. Join Yale Forklifts Vietnam to better understand the cost of forklift investment that customers need to be concerned about!

1. Cost of buying a forklift: 

The cost of buying a forklift is the first factor when considering a forklift investment

The cost of buying a forklift is the first factor when considering a forklift investment

The first expense that customers need to pay special attention to is the initial forklift purchase cost. The price of the forklift can be changed depending on the quality, capacity, brand, and year of manufacture of the truck. Before deciding to buy a forklift, you need to consider the need to use it appropriately to save maximum costs.

Factors that directly affect the cost of a forklift include:

– Truck capacity: The larger the capacity, the higher the cost. In order for the forklift to work well, people often buy it with a capacity of 500kg higher than the capacity of the goods.

– Lifting height: The higher the lifting height, the lower the capacity. Customers need to determine the required lifting height to choose the suitable truck to save costs and limit the occurrence of accidents affecting people and goods.

– Forklift brand: Famous brands such as Yale forklifts, Komatsu, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi … will have a higher price, but it is really worth it because of modern production technology, good working efficiency and durability, minimizing rising costs of spare parts damage.

2. Forklift operating costs:

Forklift operating costs

Forklift operating costs

Operating costs are understood as expenses for related problems that help the forklift to operate.

Depending on customers’ needs, you may need to spend on forklift attachments such as paper roll clamp, carton clamp, push pull, hinged forks, sideshift or fork positioner,…

Fuel is also an indispensable expense. To operate a forklift will need fuel such as diesel, petrol/gas or electricity. Electric forklifts will cost less, only about 85-90% compared to internal combustion engine forklifts because the price of electricity is quite low compared to the price of internal combustion fuels such as diesel/petrol/gas.

3. Cost of forklift maintenance and repair:

Maintenance and repair costs for forklifts

Maintenance and repair costs for forklifts

In the process of working, customers need to do periodic maintenance so the forklifts can work well and be durable. Maintenance time will be more frequent when the truck is operated for a long time.

Continuous forklift maintenance can lead to a much higher cost than buying a new high-priced truck. Therefore, many customers choose to buy quality forklifts from well-known brands to reduce maintenance costs during use.

4. Costs related to the depreciation of forklifts:

With an internal combustion engine forklift such as diesel, petrol/gas after 6-7 years, the number of worn and damaged parts that need to be replaced will increase, the forklift maintenance service also needs to be done frequently. The cost for spare parts as well as labor for maintenance also increases.

With an electric forklift, the average life of the battery is 4-5 years or calculated according to the number of charge times is 1,200 – 1,400. Therefore, it is necessary to have an estimated cost for replacing a new battery so that the truck can operate properly.

If you are looking for a quality product that can help your business minimize costs, please refer to Yale forklifts – a forklift brand from the US with more than 150 years of experience.

According to the above information, we hope that customers can have useful information about the costs when investing in forklifts, thereby making the most suitable choice.


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