Electric forklift trucks with many practical advantages such as environmental friendliness, simple maintenance and high flexibility have gradually attracted the attention of many businesses. However, there is an issue of recent concern as to whether electric forklifts can be used outdoors. Join Yale Forklifts Vietnam to find out the answer in the following article

Some types of electric forklifts are used outside the factory, warehouse, etc.

Some types of electric forklifts are used outside the factory, warehouse, etc.

1. How to determine whether an electric forklift is capable of operating outdoors or not?

When deciding to operate an electric forklift outdoors, it is important to first determine the “IP” of the truck. The “IP” rating is used to indicate the device’s ability to withstand solids as well as liquids. Most forklift models have an IP code displayed with the syntax “IPXX” where the first “X” represents the level of protection against solids and the second “X” represents the level of protection for liquids.

The level of protection for solids ranges from 0 – 6, level 0 indicates that the forklift is not resistant to any solids, here only dust and a 6 indicates that the truck is completely dustproof. Similarly, the level of liquid protection ranges from 0 – 8, level 0 means the vehicle is not water resistant and the highest level 8 indicates that the vehicle can be submerged in water up to 3m deep without damage.

Thus, the highest IP rating that a forklift can achieve is IP68, meaning it is completely dustproof and can be continuously submerged, meaning it can operate outdoors. However, perhaps no one will have the need to use the forklift in a flooded environment, so the possibility of finding equipment with this indicator is quite rare.

IP indicator determines the outdoor usability of electric forklifts

IP indicator determines the outdoor usability of electric forklifts

2. Is it safe to use an electric forklift in the rain?

Most electric forklifts are designed to operate indoors, in dry environments. However, there are also some vehicles equipped with additional features to operate safely in the rain. The most accurate way to determine it is based on the IP indicator, specifically as follows:

– IPX0: No water resistance.

– IPX1: Can withstand vertical drops of water.

– IPX2: Can be waterproof when the device is tilted at an angle of less than 15°.

– IPX3: Can withstand water jet impact at 60° angle.

– IPX4: Resistant to splashes of water from all sides.

– IPX5: Can resist continuous low-pressure water jets.

– IPX6: Can resist strong high pressure water jets.

– IPX6K: Can resist extremely high pressure water jets.

– IPX7: Can be submerged in water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

– IPX8: Can be submerged in water more than 1 meter deep. The exact depth is specified by the manufacturer.

– IPX9K: Resists high-pressure, high-temperature jets at close range. This exceptionally high standard is rarely used for consumer products.

Thus, forklifts need to have an IPX4 rating or higher to be able to operate safely in the rain, but it is also necessary to determine whether the rain is big or small, or how heavy it is.  In particular, it is not recommended to use electric forklifts in the rain because it is easy to affect the battery and the truck lifespan.

It is not recommended to use electric forklifts when it rains

It is not recommended to use electric forklifts when it rains

3. Safety tips when operating an electric forklift outdoors:

Operating an electric forklift outdoors will have more problems than the indoor environment, so users need to pay attention to check and ensure the following factors to ensure the safety of themselves and their equipment.

– Use warning lights and alarms in case of limited visibility when it is foggy, rainy, snowy…

– Drive at a slow speed to avoid sudden braking and potential accidents.

– Seal the electric forklift’s cabin to prevent water or other elements from easily damaging the interior.

– Use appropriate clothing, protective clothing, and specialized boots to limit the possibility of injury.

– Select the appropriate truck capacity, make sure to fix the goods to avoid slipping caused by water.

So if you want to safely operate an electric forklift outdoors, you first need to choose a forklift with an IP rating that meets the appropriate dust and water resistance requirements. When driving, it is necessary to be fully equipped with an accident prevention method, pay attention to blind spots and focus as much as possible to limit unwanted situations.

Above is the information provided for the question: “Can electric forklifts be used outdoors?”, hopefully answering some of your concerns. Please contact Hotline: 0896.461.728 if you need more information or support about lifting equipment so that Yale Forklifts Vietnam can support it better!

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