The ERP15-35UX electric forklift is a product of the 4-wheel forklift of the Yale brand. The truck is designed to seat on when operating with a capacity range from 1.5 tons to 3.5 tons and 6 meter maximum lifting height.

Ergonomic Design

Not only the ERP15-35UX forklift product, but most of the Yale forklifts are very focused on ergonomic design. This design is convenient for operators and reduces fatigue during operation.

Ergonomic design provide both performance optimization, safety and perfectly aesthetic

Specifically in the ERP15-35UX electric forklift, the ergonomic design is shown as: the cabin is designed to simulate a car, provide spacious and comfortable operating. The seat can be adjusted, raised, lowered, forward and backward, suitable for different heights and weights of the driver. The seat is designed with a suspension system to help reduce driver fatigue.

The design of the ERP15-25UX electric forklift from the operator’s perspective

Bên cạnh đó, các yếu tố kỹ thuật hỗ trợ quá trình điều khiển xe như hệ thống đèn led, cổng sạc usb, màn hình LCD quan sát, hộp số tự động… được bố trí vô cùng khoa học và tối ưu. Thiết kế nhỏ gọn, trong tầm với, không cản trở tầm nhìn phía trước. Trong khi vẫn đảm bảo các chức năng trong quá trình sử dụng xe.

In addition, technical factors that support the vehicle control process such as led lighting system, usb charging port, LCD monitor, automatic transmission,… arranged extremely scientifically and optimally. Compact design,wide mast does not obstruct the operator front view. While still ensuring others function when operating.

High mast for better operator view

Optimal visibility is one of the effective supporting factors for forklift operators. This helps limit unwanted damage and collisions. The overhead guard is made of steel, ensuring the safety of the forklift operator.

ERP15-35UX electric forklift is designed high

The lowering speed of the mast is also very important. Lifting and lowering slowly helps handling goods up and down stably, less damaged.

Easy to maintenance

Yale electric forklifts often have a large engine compartment, which is ideal. As a result, maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks are easier to repair.

The engine of ERP15-35UX applies waterproof and dustproof standards IP54. Using CANbus communication to create interactions between truck components. The signals will be transmitted and displayed through the LCD monitor to help the operator know if the truck is in the best condition or not.

The engine compartment of the electric forklift ERP15-35UX is very spacious

Using AC motor

Instead of being fixed like DC, an AC or AC motor is an electric current whose charge value varies with time. For equipment, especially electric forklifts using AC motors, the voltage can be easily increased or decreased. This helps energy be used more efficiently, more economically while minimizing energy loss.

ERP15-35UX electric forklift’s AC motor is designed to be brushless. This design helps to reduce noise by minimizing friction. Less heat-generating friction also helps save truck energy, helping the forklift operate more smoothly and efficiently.

The AC motor on the ERP15-35UX electric forklift is controlled via a monitor

Competitive price

Electric forklifts in particular, or Yale forklift products in general, are not in the low-priced segment. However, in terms of the cost and the quality received, it is a worthy investment. Not only ensuring technical and functional use, the materials of each part in the forklift are also very neat, sturdy and durable.

Investing in a quality electric forklift right from the start will save businesses the cost of repair later. Maintenance and replacement service is also less frequent.

If the investment of a new Yale electric forklift like the ERP15-35UX series is not really suitable for the budget at this time. You may consider buying a used/second-hand forklift. Or use the electric forklift rental service of Yale Forklifts Vietnam.

Above are 5 of the reasons that ERP15-35UX is suitable to become an electric forklift that your business should invest in. For more specific advice on this electric forklift series or other product of Yale Forklifts, please contact 0896.461.728 or leave your information below so Yale Forklifts Việt Nam team can contact to support you.

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