A good and durable diesel forklift can still experience problems that if we left it unresolved, it can lead to component failure or, more seriously, can cause accidents affecting goods and people. So it’s important to detect, understand, and fix potential problems early. Here are the 5 most common forklift truck problems and how to fix them. Let’s find out with Yale Forklifts Vietnam!

1. Diesel forklift cannot start the engine:

Engine downtime depends on many different factors. If the customer cannot start the truck, check the refueling part before taking it in for repair.

Check fuel level for diesel forklift including diesel and coolant water level. Always make sure these two are above the low line. If the problem is not with the diesel and coolant levels, then the customer should call the forklift maintenance team.


Check the forklift's fuel level when the truck cannot start

Check the forklift’s fuel level when the truck cannot start


2. Sudden acceleration error in diesel forklift:

Sudden acceleration error in diesel forklifts is a manifestation of the forklift running faster and faster and unable to control the accelerator. In addition, there is an unusually harsh sound and the exhaust pipe emits a lot of blue or black smoke.

The main cause is a faulty governor system that leads to loss of control of the oil supply or oil tank due to too much oil. If no urgent action is taken, it will lead to major damage such as broken cylinder, broken shafts.



The forklift accelerates suddenly and cannot control the accelerator pedal

The forklift accelerates suddenly and cannot control the accelerator pedal


The temporary remedy is to cut the oil. Order of temporary fix steps:

– First step: disconnect the fuel to limit fuel supply and apply the brake;

– Second step: Block the intake manifold and cut off the fuel line

– Third step: quickly loosen the high-pressure fuel line to stop the fuel supply.


3. Cylinder insertion error in diesel forklift engine:
The telltale sign of a cylinder insertion error is when you hear a “click” in the crankcase, like a small hammer hitting a hard floor, commonly known as a “cylinder knock.” This error is easily noticed through the sign that the diesel pressure drops rapidly during acceleration.

Cylinder inserts are mechanical damage in diesel forklift engines, which is mainly caused by the gap between the connecting rod shafts being too large, causing the bolts to loosen or break. If there is a knock but normal oil pressure is not a sign of cylinder knocking, this should be considered from the perspective of adjusting the fuel supply angle.


Cylinder knocking error in diesel forklift engine

Cylinder knocking error in diesel forklift engine

Remedy: Shut down the machine immediately for maintenance service and replace damaged parts.

4. Failure of bearings in diesel forklifts:

A sign of a damaged bearing in a diesel forklift is when the engine makes a “creaking” sound. This sign usually occurs with a sudden increase in load, a decrease in speed, a drop in oil pressure and a black smoke discharge from the truck. Burned bushings will cause bearings to lock and immediately stop the truck.

The main reason is that the lubricating oil film on the bearing surface is destroyed, the bearing bush and the bearing surface metal are in direct contact with each other, and the friction temperature increases rapidly.


Stop the forklift immediately when detecting faulty bearings

Stop the forklift immediately when detecting faulty bearings


The fix is to stop the forklift immediately. Then remove the cover, check the connecting rod and bearing bush, find the cause, repair and replace the damaged part.


5. Forklift engine is too hot:

Engine overheating can cause forklifts to stop working. Or when the diesel forklift operates in a condition where the engine often heats too quickly, it also consumes more fuel. This condition indicates that the engine is lacking coolant.

Therefore, the following must be regularly reviewed to ensure the forklift’s stable and long-term operation.

– Check the cooling system water level and make sure it is working properly.

– Check the fuel lines to prevent blockages.

– Periodic cleaning of engine and truck to detect damage in time, avoid arising incidents that seriously affect the forklifts, goods and even human lives.


Regular cleaning and inspection to avoid unnecessary serious problems

Regular cleaning and inspection to avoid unnecessary serious problems


Above are 5 common problems in diesel forklifts and the most effective ways to fix them that Yale Forklifts Vietnam is pleased to send to customers.

With many years of experience in the field of providing material handling equipment, we are confident to bring reliable solutions for the handling of goods and warehouses of customers. Customers interested and need to find out detailed product information, please contact Yale Forklift Vietnam via Hotline 0896.461.728 so that our staff can support and advise enthusiastically. 


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