With a commitment to continuous improvement in design, Yale has consistently produced electric forklift products with optimal operational performance. Among them, the ERC 080-120VH forklift model stands out as a representative device. This is evidence of Yale’s efforts to help customers efficiently and effectively manage warehouse operations. Let’s explore the 3 outstanding advantages of this forklift model.

1. Durable operational performance

For Yale electric forklifts in general, performance and productivity are always core factors in creating competitive capabilities. The Yale ERC080-120VH forklift has the ability to lift heavy loads of over 5 tons. For warehouses, this device enhances lifting productivity and optimizes business profitability.

One of the factors that enables this forklift model to achieve maximum performance is its multi-function display design with optimal visibility. This allows operators to quickly select the forklift’s functions and efficiently handle lifting tasks, even when facing obstructed forward visibility. The flexible control modes, especially the “Extended Shift” function, enable the forklift’s performance to be maximized.

This forklift model features an AC motor with powerful acceleration, fast travel speed, and quick lifting and lowering speeds, resulting in high operational productivity.


Advantages of electric forklift ERC080-120VH

Advantages of electric forklift ERC080-120VH

2. Modern and intelligent design

Design is always a factor that adds value to an electric forklift, and the ERC080-120VH model is no exception. This forklift is designed with a large, anti-slip steering wheel that makes it easy for the operator to control.

The comfortable operator cabin and spacious floor provide convenience for the driver. Moreover, the design includes a power-assisted braking system that ensures proactive operation of the forklift. The positioning of the accelerator pedal and brake pedal is based on the operator’s driving habits, resulting in smooth control.

Furthermore, the control seat is a swivel seat with flexible options for left and right rotation, offering superior adjustability for the forklift. The operator also has a seat belt for effective operation and safety.

The ERC080-120VH electric forklift features a smart design

The ERC080-120VH electric forklift features a smart design


3. Optimal cost-saving capabilities

The ERC080-120VH electric forklift helps customers save costs, achieved through integrated technologies to optimize energy efficiency during operation. Additionally, with its durable construction and scientific design, customers can also reduce maintenance and servicing expenses.


Yale engineers focus on cost-saving in operation through the design of a modern thermal management system, premium controllers, and intelligent cooling systems. Therefore, this is an optimal choice for warehouses that require high lifting productivity with reduced operating costs.


Cost-saving capabilities of the ERC080-120VH electric forklift

Cost-saving capabilities of the ERC080-120VH electric forklift

With its outstanding advantages mentioned above, the ERC080-120VH forklift is widely used in various fields, particularly in heavy and challenging transport applications, as well as in warehouses with specific requirements where conventional forklifts may not suffice.

These are the information regarding the advantages of the ERC080-120VH forklift. Yale takes pride in manufacturing this electric forklift model and many other modern lifting equipment. If you require further information or assistance, please contact us via the hotline number 0896.461.728. Yale Forklifts Vietnam is ready to serve you!

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