Electric forklifts are an indispensable equipment in the operation of handling goods in the warehouse. Besides investing in a new forklift, buying an old electric forklift is also chosen by many businesses. So what benefits do businesses get when buying used electric forklifts? And what are the things to consider when buying a used electric forklift? Let’s find out with Yale Forklifts Vietnam in the article below.

1. The benefits when buying second-hand electric forklifts

There are many reasons that a business decides to buy a used electric forklift. Mainly related to the cost optimization problem. Businesses can save about 30-60% of the budget. Instead of investing in a new forklift, this money can be used to buy two second-hand electric forklifts. That is a typical example for businesses to visualize the benefits of this option.

Besides, second-hand forklifts also have certain advantages in terms of manipulation. For example, creating familiarity for the operator while new trucks with modern features can confuse many drivers and take time to get used to.

Owning the benefits like that but to buy a second-hand forklift that is really “valuable”, businesses need to consider many important information

2. 9 things that need to be considered when buying second-hand forklifts

2.1. Evaluate whether the second-hand electric forklift forklifts are suitable for the business warehouse operation needs?

The Yale MS15XUX series of forklifts enable efficient stacking of goods in confined spaces

The Yale MS15XUX series of forklifts enable efficient stacking of goods in confined spaces

Each model of the electric forklifts will be suitable for a different use. Therefore, to know if the truck is suitable for your actual use requirements, businesses need to clearly determine some  of the below things:

– What kind of goods need to be handled? Is the package bulky? The quantity of goods large or not?

– Trucks are used in normal warehouses, cold storage or outdoors? Is the warehouse surface flat or rough, or does it have a slope?

– How often do you use forklifts in your business? Regular or just seasonal?

Based on these factors, businesses can easily choose a second-hand forklift with a suitable capacity and lifting height.

2.2. Checking the working history of the second-hand electric forklifts

Working history can greatly affect forklift performance. For example, a truck that has operated exceeding the allowable load continuously for a long time, the lifespan of the battery is surely affected.

Based on the number of kilometers on the odometer, customers will know how long the truck has been used so you can consider whether it is still new or too old? Is it worth buying or not?

2.3. Checking the maintenance history of the second-hand forklifts

Not only electric forklifts, but most machines need a regular maintenance schedule to ensure good operation in the long term. When deciding to buy a used electric forklift, businesses need to pay close attention to this issue. If the “old owner” regularly takes care of and maintains the truck, it will always keep the truck in the best and safest state. On the contrary, if electric forklifts are not maintained regularly and properly, it will affect the lifespan and performance of the truck.

2.4. What options and features have been integrated with the second-hand electric forklift?

Some forklift models can apply additional features to support the lifting and handling process. To use these features effectively, when buying second-hand electric forklifts, businesses need to find out which features are integrated in that truck, whether these features still work or not.

2.5. Checking the truck’s battery lifespan

It can be said that the battery is the “soul” of an electric forklift. You need to find out when the last time that the battery was changed; check the battery condition by starting the engine and trying to operate the truck.

A good battery can work in good condition within 5 years. That is why carefully check and find out “How long has the truck been operating?” also helps businesses evaluate the second-hand truck’s battery lifespan.

2.6. Checking the appearance of the second-hand forklifts

Checking the appearance of the second-hand forklift to evaluate the truck condition

Checking the appearance of the second-hand forklift to evaluate the truck condition

It is impossible to ask for a second-hand electric forklift to look as good as a new one. Some damage to the “appearance” of the truck will not affect the operation of it but some else can reflect that the truck has had an accident or is unsafe to operate and needs to be repaired.

Besides aesthetics, the truck’s “appearance” also reflects the current condition of the truck. Here is some details that your business needs to observe:

– Mast: Is the operation smooth, are the chains broken or damaged?

– Forks: Is there a risk of cracking?

– Tyres: Is it excessively worn, needs to be replaced or is it still usable?

– Engine: is it intact?, is the operation still smooth?, is there any leakage or is the heat dissipation good?

2.7. Make sure that the safety features of the second-hand electric forklift still work

Yale MP20XUX brand electric forklift with a stand that fits the operator

Yale MP20XUX brand electric forklift with a stand that fits the operator

Not only focusing on the use of the truck, the safety of the operator is equally important. These safety features mainly focus around the driver’s cabin area, such as:

– Is the driving and standing area comfortable, easy to adjust and operate?

– Are the horns, brake levers, seat belts working properly?

– Is the overhead guard sturdy and safe?

– Is the safety light system, horn… still working well?

2.8. Checking the origin of the second-hand electric forklifts

The current electric forklifts on the market have two main ways to determine the origin. One is in the country where the brand was established. The second is to transfer technology to manufacture in China.

For Yale brand electric forklifts, some models are made in the US, Europe, Japan, and others manufactured in China factories which are guaranteed to meet Yale standards. The series that are made in China are usually the common type which is easier to repair and find spare parts.

Checking the origin of second-hand electric forklifts will help businesses know where this model was assembled, whether it is convenient to do maintenance when necessary, and whether spare parts are always available or not.

2.9. Choosing a reputable secondhand electric forklifts supplier

It is not difficult to buy used electric forklifts on the market. However, to choose the right and quality second-hand truck, your business needs to find a really reputable supplier. They should not only sell electric forklifts but also provide  maintenance service and spare parts replacement when necessary.

Yale Forklifts Vietnam technician team - An exclusive dealer of Yale genuine brand

Yale Forklifts Vietnam technician team – An exclusive dealer of Yale genuine brand

Yale Forklifts Vietnam is an exclusive dealer of the Yale forklifts brand and Yale genuine spare parts in the Vietnam market. Beside selling new and providing electric forklifts rental service, with the showroom and service centers which is located in 2 big cities, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Yale Forklifts Vietnam is also a reputable choice for many businesses when they need to buy second-hand electric forklifts, replacing spare parts or maintaining second-hand electric forklifts.

There are many factors that go into deciding whether to buy a second-hand electric forklift or not. If you find it difficult to determine the specifications that are suitable for your business needs or need more advice on buying Yale second-hand electric forklifts service, do not hesitate to contact Yale Forklifts Vietnam. Please call hotline 0896.461.728 for the most accurate and specific advice.

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