Diesel forklifts are common and popular MHEs for all industries because of their versatility in transporting and unloading goods. In addition, when comparing diesel forklifts with electric forklifts or other ICE forklifts (gasoline, gas), diesel forklifts have a variety of loads suitable for all environments and operating frequencies, providing high performance, usability and durability, with low investment and operating costs. There is a list of notes to consider before investing in a diesel forklift in the following article:

User requirements

This is one of the important factors before deciding to invest in a diesel forklift. Because each type of forklift trucks will have its own categories, features, and specifications depending on the requirements and purposes of End-user. For example, using a diesel forklift to load/unload, stack or lift goods in racking systems, which lifting height, lifting single pallet or many pallets,  working in a container or not?

Beside that, it is also necessary to pay attention to the need to use the forklift in which environment? Operating environment (outdoor or indoor)? Is it narrow-aisle or not? The warehouse entrance’s height? Which area for forklifts maintenance?

Currently, on the Vietnamese market, there are many brands of diesel forklift trucks due to the increasing demand of businesses. Yale materials handling equipment is designed, produced and marketed in 19 facilities worldwide, including 12 production facilities. Product design and manufacturing processes are applied globally for improved effectiveness, best-practice sharing and consistency.

Yale has sales offices around the world with field sales representatives managing dealers and customer accounts. Customers on all continents are served by over 150 dealers.

Xác định rõ nhu cầu sử dụng khi quyết định đầu tư xe nâng dầuDiesel forklift YALE brand- one of the oldest, original manufacturers of lift trucks in the world, having been in the business of lifting for more than 150 years

Classification and categorizing of goods

The buyers need to determine the type and size of the goods, the pallet’s size, heavy or low duty operation, the fragile goods or type of packaging…. to make special requirements for each type of goods. Therefore, buyers can decide whether to use attachments such as push pull, double pallets handler, paper roll clamp, hinged carriage…

xe nâng dầu chính hãng Yale từ Mỹ vận hành ổn định tại nhà xưởngIdentify the goods and type of operation to choose the suitable forklift to invest

The more detailed and accurate the parameters are, the more appropriate the investment decision will be. Afterwards the operation will be more convenient.

New diesel forklifts or Second-hand diesel?

When deciding to buy a new diesel forklift or a used forklift, you need to consider many factors such as investment costs, depreciation costs, operating costs, ability to meet the job…… When investing in a second-hand diesel forklift, you will save a large amount of initial investment compared to buying a new forklift. Meanwhile, used forklifts are often available at the warehouse and ready to deliver without the long waiting time for trucks to be imported as when buying a new vehicle. In addition, you can also run a test before deciding whether to buy that used car or not.

However, you will have to accept the risk of spare parts and other parts of the trucks as you cannot 100% control whether or not the old forklift has had any operational problems or how many times it has been repaired.


Đầu tư xe nâng dầu mới hay cũ cũng là yếu tố cần xem xétThere are many issues to consider when deciding to buy a used diesel forklift or a new diesel forklift

When deciding to buy a forklift, whether it is a new forklift or a used forklift, it is most important that you choose reputable distributors who can provide adequate information about the forklift and responsibility when matters arising.

Yale Forklifts Vietnam or Ky Luc Company Limited is the exclusive and genuine distributor of the American Yale forklift brand. At Yale Forklifts Vietnam, we have a full range of both new and used forklifts that have been thoroughly checked for quality, to suit all the needs of our customers.

Investment comparison

In general, each type of forklift truck of different brands will have different advantages and disadvantages. After determining the user requirement and the truck’s specifications, you need to move on to the step of comparing/evaluating investment costs before coming to a buying decision. Optimizing cost and performance is something forklift investors always heading towards.

Giá cả của xe nâng dầu luôn là tiêu chí quan trọngComparing prices to make a reasonable investment decision for forklift trucks

Comparison and assessment of investment costs need to take into account the correlation between investment costs and the value brought. Because the price is expensive or cheap depending on this correlation. A second-hand diesel forklift has a low cost but also brings low performance such as: frequent breakdowns, low operating capacity, high fuel consumption, etc., the investment cost is high or can be said to be expensive.

In contrast, a new diesel forklift has a high cost but brings a very high performance : stable operation, high capacity, fuel saving, warranty service, dedicated maintenance … then the investment becomes low or can be said to be cheap.

Nowadays, Yale forklifts is the most mentioned brand because of its high economic efficiency but still ensures performance when compared to other diesel forklift products in the same price segment.

Waranty Policy, Repairs & Maintenance

This is the criterion that customers pay the most attention to because it will directly affect the quality of work later when the car encounters problems. You need to carefully consider what services the company’s warranty policy will cover and whether the company directly distributes equipment and genuine spare parts for the warranty or not?

Dịch vụ bảo hành, bảo trì là yếu tố quan trọng hàng đầu khi đầu tư xe nâng dầuWarranty policy, maintenance and dedicated repair service is the pride of Yale Forklifts Vietnam

Besides, the repair and periodic maintenance of the forklift company is also something that you need to pay attention to. When investing in forklifts at Yale Forklifts Vietnam, customers will be completely assured when the product is always guaranteed to operate stably by the periodic proactive maintenance policy of Yale Forklifts Vietnam.

Hopefully the above information will help customers in deciding to invest in the suitable diesel forklifts. Customers who are interested and want to learn more about Yale forklifts, please leave your contact information below or contact Hotline: 0896.461.728Yale Forklifts Vietnam will quickly consult and support customers conscientiously until choosing the right trucks for their purpose of use.

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