The Yale reach truck has a history of affirming its position and is considered by many customers to be the market leader. What are the reasons why the Yale reach truck is so trusted and appreciated? Let’s find out with Yale Forklifts Vietnam in the article below.

1. What is a reach truck?

Reach trucks are known to be material handling equipment that help stacking goods in narrow aisles, for storing, lifting and lowering goods, pallets in racks, warehouse shelves with working height from high to very high. The Yale reach truck can load goods up to 3 tons, with a maximum lifting height of 12.75m.

Yale reach truck leads the market

The reach truck is a versatile material handling equipment, suitable for both low-level lifting and moving operations, but specialized for high-altitude lifting operations, especially providing the highest productivity for warehouses with a professional racking design system.

2. 05 reasons why Yale brand reach trucks lead the market:

2.1. Yale Forklifts brand with over 150 years of experience

One of the reasons for the Yale reach truck in particular, or the Yale forklifts in general, to gain the trust of customers is thanks to the long history of this brand. It can be said that with more than 15 decades of operation, Yale is a brand that always accompanies and understands customers deeply.

There are many forklift brands operating on the market. But Yale forklifts have always stood their ground as one of the world’s leading forklift brands with a distribution network in more than 150 countries. This is the clearest quality demonstration of Yale’s products and services.

2.2. Yale brand reach trucks have a variety capacities and lifting height ranges

Usually before making a decision to invest in a forklift, especially a reach truck, you must clearly define the specific needs of your business. Clearly determine what is the load capacity? Lifting height? Warehouse ceiling height? Warehouse floor surface? Aisle width?…

When deciding to invest in a reach truck, there is a close working relationship between a reach truck consultant and a racking designer to choose the most suitable reach truck for the most correct and sufficient investment.

Yale brand reach trucks have a variety capacities and lifting height ranges

Yale brand reach trucks have a variety capacities and lifting height. Besides, with customizable specification options, Yale reach truck is confident to be the right and reliable choice for any business.

Some outstanding reach truck of Yale forklifts in Vietnam:

– Reach truck NR/NDR030-045EC: Capacity from 1.3 to 2 tons, lifting height from 4.8 to 11.2m

– Reach truck MR14-25: Capacity from 1.4 to 2.5 tons, lifting height from 4 to 12.75m

– Reach truck FBR13-18 (SZ/WZ): Capacity from 1.25 to 1.8 tons, lifting height from 3 to 6m

– Reach truck FBR20-30SZ: Capacity from 2 to 3 tons, lifting height from 3 to 8m

2.3. The Yale reach truck has a variety of designs to suit the specific working cultures of different countries

With a long history, philosophy of researching and developing products based on customers’ needs. Proof of this is Yale Forklifts pioneering the application of the DFT (Demand Flow Technology) production strategy – Manufacturing based on demand research and analysis of customers’ habits.

When implementing DFT, Yale Forklifts took the time to learn to deeply understand the needs, habits and working culture of each country – where there are cultural differences even in the way of working.

Vietnam has always been a long-term “dock” for foreign investors, countries with large FDI inflows into Vietnam such as the United States, Japan, China, Thailand, the United Kingdom, etc contain diverse working culture from all continents: Americas, Europe, Asia…

Stand-up reach truck FBR 13-18 (SZ/WZ) with “Japanese standard” design

Yale Forklifts always respects the working culture of businesses that are specific to the national culture, therefore, the design of Yale forklifts in general and the reach truck in particular always tries to meet these working habits with the characteristics of this national culture. For example:

– Japanese businesses are steeped in a culture that respects performance and focus at work. The Japanese point of view in operating a reach truck is that you should be in a standing position, for better visibility and always in a ready position for any activity or incident that may occur. Therefore, the FBR 13-18 (SZ/WZ) reach truck of Yale brand, with “Japanese standard” design from engine to structure and operating features are always favored by Japanese businesses.

– In addition, European businesses with the habit of operating forklifts or working  must always be in the most comfortable position, the most modern technologies should be applied to bring convenience and ease to people.

2.4. Yale brand reach truck with reliable operating safety features

Yale brand reach trucks have a safety function called laser positioning. Specifically, the laser will radiate a straight line from the fork to the pallet that needs to be carried.

The laser is turned on automatically when the mast exceeds the free lift (approximately 2m). This safety function makes it easier and more convenient for truck operators to locate pallets, goods.

Laser line function clearly shows the value when operating reach trucks in low-light warehouses, cold storage (mist) to determine the position of the tip of the fork and the position of pallets more accurately.

In addition, the Yale reach truck can also integrate a camera system with a monitor, helping the operator to observe and manipulate accurately in out-of-sight locations. In particular, with a reach truck, when stacking goods at a very high position, up to 12m, the value of the camera really stands out. It becomes an effective assistant for accurate and safety operations.

The camera and monitor in the reach truck is the greatest value in forklift operation

Customers after using the camera and monitor option in the Yale reach truck have evaluated that: “This solution is extremely useful, it helps to operate the forklift correctly and much safer. Not only that, when installing the camera and monitor option, I am working conveniently as there is no need to always look up when stacking load at high level racking.

2.5. The Yale reach truck uses an AC drive motor to optimize performance

The AC drive motor helps the truck increase and decrease the speed as well as start and end the operation smoothly with less energy loss. In particular, for the reach truck MR10-14E, the steering wheel also uses an AC motor. When starting, the transmission wheel is automatically centered to help the truck operate stably and balance on the allowed terrain.

European standard MR10-14E reach truck using AC drive motor

In addition, the AC drive motor of the Yale reach truck is brushless, which helps to reduce wear due to friction, minimizes heat generated thereby optimizing battery energy consumption and battery life. Minimizing repair and maintenance costs, increase the durability of the forklift.

Above are the 5 reasons why the Yale reach truck is considered the market leader that you can refer to. However, to be able to choose the model that best suits your needs, don’t hesitate to leave your information below or contact us via hotline 0896.461.728 for dedicated support.

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