With more than 150 years of experience in the manufacturing and distributing material handling equipment field, Yale is grateful, our effort have been earned a lot of recognition such as: Golden prize in Edison Awards 2020, landed on the G75 voted by Inbound Logistics for ten consecutive years, Product of the years voted by Plant Engineering for five years in a row… 

One of our Yale outstanding products is diesel forklift. A product that can work in a high intensity environment, providing high performance,  and minimizing break-down.  

In addition, diesel forklifts have a wide range of capacity that is suitable for different kinds of working environments and operating frequency. It’s providing high performance, usability and durability, with low investment and operating costs. 

Currently,, there are many brands of diesel forklift trucks due to the increasing demand of businesses in Vietnam market. Yale Forklifts Vietnam is proud to be the most suitable and optimal choice that can meet all customer’s needs.  Here are 4 reasons that Yale Forklifts Vietnam’ customers shared after using Yale diesel forklift.

Prestige from Yale forklift brand

The commitment of brands will not be reliable enough for customers to invest in a genuine diesel forklift. A smart investor usually chooses a product based on the actual number that the brand has achieved in  branding and establishing the distribution system.

Nowadays, Yale forklifts has grown and expanded the market to more than 150 cities all over the world.


Prestige from Yale forklift brand

In addition, with more than 150 global dealers and 12 manufacturing plants, Yale forklift created a consistent system, proving their strength in the field of forklift manufacturing and distribution. The above-mentioned figures have confirmed the position and prestige of Yale based on the main foundation that is the trust, support and satisfaction of customers.

Committed to Quality and Excellence Technical

Yale Forklifts is one of the rare forklift brands from a specialized manufacturer. For more than 150 years, Yale Forklifts only focused on research and development, receiving market feedback and continuing to research and develop to serve the material handling equipment industry.

With a dedicated focus combined with rigorous American quality standards, Yale Forklifts  always committed to the quality and technology of each product to the highest level of precision. For example, from 2016 until now, Yale Forklifts has continuously won the award “Product of the Year voted by Plant Engineering”.

In particular, in 2020 won the “Edison Awards Gold” – a prestigious award given to recognize excellence in the development, design and creation of industrial products with the principle of “Customer-Centric” .

Xe nâng dầu thương hiệu Yale đều được chứng nhận ISO

Yale diesel forklifts are built with a commitment to quality and excellence technology

In the journey to fulfill commitment of  quality and technology, Yale Forklifts constantly researches and tests new technology in diesel forklift products in order to meet the increasingly complex needs of customers, and ensure convenience and high reliability.

The investment cost is commensurate with the performance

Yale Forklifts is a pioneer in applying the production strategy of DFT (Demand Flow Technology – Manufacturing based on demand research and analysis of customers’ habits). With this strategy, Yale Forklifts optimizes operating and manufacturing costs of forklift trucks, ensuring short delivery time with performance that is suitable for customer needs.

Yale Forklifts implements DFT production strategy based on 07 core values: Safety – Quality – Delivery Time – Cost – Ethics and Environment.

With the DFT strategy, Yale Forklifts asserts that the entire cost of manufacturing a forklift truck is spent on creating a quality product, with absolutely no excess waste. Therefore, the investment cost of customers for Yale forklifts is always commensurate with the performance.

Yale forklift investment cost is commensurate with the performance

Yale diesel forklift is also produced based on the DFT strategy.Yale diesel forklifts could meet the most rigorous standards from the US and perfectly meet customer’s unique needs due to the long-time experience in the MHEs industry and understanding the customer’s requirements thoroughly,

Repair service – Preventive maintenance – genuine spare part.

Yale is very careful when choosing a distribution dealer so along with importing and distributing products, the dealer also needs to represent Yale to provide repair and maintenance services. .

Ky Luc Company Limited was selected as the exclusive representative of Yale in Vietnam, also known as Yale Forklifts Vietnam. Yale Forklifts Vietnam’s technical team is directly trained by the company’s engineers with the goal: “Keeping the customer’s forklift in the best performance”

Ensuring the customer’s forklift always operates stably is the responsibility of Yale Forklifts Vietnam

A customer of Yale Forklifts Vietnam shares: “As a global supplier of material handling equipment, Yale has proven that it understands the complexities of delivering high quality service in many other markets all over the world.

In Vietnam, Yale Forklifts Vietnam provided a material handling solution tailored to our demand and excellent after-sales service. This gives us complete peace of mind when using a forklift from Yale Forklifts Vietnam and can fully focus on our business.”

With long-term experience in the field of manufacturing material handling equipment, Yale is always a brand trusted by customers.

In Vietnam, Ky Luc Company Limited, also known as Yale Forklifts Vietnam, is the exclusive distributor of the famous Yale forklift brand.

Yale Forklifts Vietnam is rigorously transferred and supervised to implement all technology, business philosophy and service standards from Yale Global Corporation. Therefore, customers can rest assured to give Yale Forklifts Vietnam the opportunity to serve.

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