Forklift is a specialized equipment for handling goods in factories and warehouses. However, for some special goods, they need to be stored in cold storage so the handling process should be done inside the cold storage too. So how can the forklift still operate smoothly and not affect the engine when operating in cold storage? Customers can refer to the article below to get the answer to the above question:

1. What problems do forklifts face when operating in cold storage?

The average temperature of cold storage is 0 degrees Celsius or for some special warehouses it can be up to -25 degrees Celsius. This temperature greatly hinders the battery, electronic control devices and hydraulic oil circulation on the forklift.

At the same time, the impact of this temperature also has a significant effect on making the oil thicken and the welds on the vehicle prone to cracking due to the expansion of the metal when the forklift needs to move from a cold temperature to a normal temperature place.

But the biggest disadvantage probably comes from the frosty situation. When the temperature drops below the 6 degree mark, the steam turns into frost – the main cause of damage to parts inside the forklift.

Forklift working in cold storage

Forklift working in cold storage

2. 03 ways to effectively operate forklifts in cold storage:

2.1. Controlling condensation that causes freezing in cold storage:

 If you have to move constantly from the warehouse to the outside, it is best to try to leave the forklift outside for as long as possible so that the forklift temperature is always above 0 degrees.

– If you have to change the battery, bring the battery inside instead of taking the forklift out.

– Choose forklifts with fewer cables and connectors to avoid damage when the truck “sweats” because of the condensation when exposed to two different environments.

– Always leave the forklift in a dry place when not in use.

2.2. Notes on maintenance service with forklifts operating in cold storage:

As recommended by the manufacturer, all forklifts should have periodic maintenance every 200-300 working hours. However, with forklifts operating in cold storage, the periodic maintenance frequency should be adjusted shorter, to ensure that the forklift always operates in the most stable, efficient and safe state.

Details that require special attention when carrying out periodic maintenance of forklifts operating in cold storage, such as: brakes, condition of tires/wheels, forks, batteries and lubricants.

In addition, manufacturers are aware of the problem of condensation when conducting periodic checks for forklifts operating in cold storage.


Maintenance of forklifts in cold storage

Maintenance of forklifts in cold storage

2.3. Choosing the suitable and quality forklift:

Using a quality forklift will not only save customer operating costs, but also meet the criteria of durability and less repair damage. In particular, when operating in cold storage, the selection of forklift trucks needs to be paid more attention.

The durability and stability of the forklift truck should be taken into account. In particular, it is necessary to choose forklifts that are designed to operate effectively in cold storage. In addition, the appropriate accompanying features such as a dedicated cabin for cold storage… are also the criteria to pay attention to when investing in forklifts to operate in cold storage.


Yale forklifts work in cold storage

Yale forklifts work in cold storage

2.4. Some issues to pay attention to in order for forklifts to work effectively in cold storage:

– Clean the warehouse, remove the ice on the floor to avoid slipping.

– Use a forklift that comes with a large capacity battery to increase the truck lifespan.

– The density and arrangement of goods in cold storage needs to allow the forklift to operate as quickly and efficiently as possible.

– Choose the right forklift model and always keep the operator’s comfort in mind.

– Effective and safe operator training for forklift operators in cold storage also needs attention.

Working in a cold storage environment is a real challenge given the performance of many forklifts. However, if you choose the right solution, it will help your business improve work efficiency a lot. And a forklift from Yale brand will help you solve that. Please contact us via Hotline: 0896.461.728 for the most dedicated service!

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