Diesel forklifts with a big capacity are variable.   However, for some industrial production, diesel forklifts must have large or super-large capacity to meet production needs.

The following article will introduce you to the Yale Forklifts model with super-large capacity. Check out the details below!

1. Yale GDP170-190VX – Capacity 8-9 tons:

Yale diesel forklift GDP170-190VX is a model which has outstanding features among the 8-9 tons capacity trucks. Load center at 600mm, lifting height 6553mm, turning radius 3784mm, diesel engine Kubota 3.8L, Techtronix 300, 3-speed transmission system.Outstanding features:

The Yale GP170-190VX diesel forklift has outstanding advantages from performance, operator support, and long maintenance cycles that make the solution for handling heavy materials as efficient as possible such as:

– High performance: Powerful Kubota 3.8L EPA Tier 4 engine.

– Operator comfort: helps reduce fatigue, maintaining operator productivity in the long run.

– Long Service Cycle: designed to prolong service maintenance intervals and make maintenance service easier.

– Low Cost of Ownership: Quality manufactured machine parts from tires, brakes, gears and axles, LED lights to CANbus wiring which help reduce operating costs.

Yale GP170-190VX - 8-9 tons diesel forklift

Yale GP170-190VX – 8-9 tons diesel forklift

2. Yale GDP80-120DF – Capacity 8.5-12.5 tons:


Yale diesel forklift GDP80-120DF has the capacity of 8.5 to 12.5 tons. Load center at 600mm, lifting height from 5500mm to 7000mm, turning radius from 3926mm to 4111mm, diesel engine Cummins QSB 4.5L, ZFWG161 3 speed Hydrodynamic Transmission.

Outstanding features:

Heavy-duty forklifts designed for use in the most demanding warehousing applications feature a Stage IV Diesel engine to reduce emissions yet provide long-term durability with peak power, excellent acceleration and smooth torque.

Yale diesel forklift GDP80-120DF

Yale diesel forklift GDP80-120DF

3. Yale diesel forklift GDP130-160EF – Capacity 10.5-16.5 tons:


The Yale Forklifts GDP130-160EC series is the Yale Forklifts brand’s largest forklift with a load capacity of 10,500kg to 16,500kg (from 10.5 tons to 16.5 tons). Load center from 600mm to 900mm, lifting height from 6179mm to 7000mm, turning radius 2541mm, engine Cummins QSB 6.7L, ZFWG161 transmission.

Outstanding features:

To work well at super heavy loads, the Yale GDP130-160EF diesel forklift is specially designed with a Stage IV Diesel engine, using exhaust gas recirculation technology combined with Oxy Diesel catalyst and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to significantly reduce emission levels.

Yale diesel forklift GDP130-160EF

Yale diesel forklift GDP130-160EF

Through the above article, along with the basic information of 3 Yale Forklifts super-large forklift truck models, we hope to help customers choose the suitable material handling equipment for their production needs. For more specific advice on material handling equipment, especially Yale forklifts, please contact Hotline: 0896.461.728 – Yale Forklifts Vietnam is ready to serve!

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