Pedestrian Pallet Trucks(China)

Offering a choice of 1125 or 1173mm long forks, with a 670mm fork spread and a 2000kg load capacity, the Yale MP20 is the handy heavy lifter that’s not light on features. Some stand out features include:


Clever design features which enhance ease of use and operator comfort

Short tilt control arm which delivers a tight turning radius

Ergonomically designed mid-mount control handle with cushioned return spring plus a large, turn-table steel bearing for improved manoeuvrability with reduced steering effort.

Reduced cost of ownership thanks to low-maintenance brushless AC traction control and the tough and durable new frame design.

Operating Temperatures: 0 to 49°C


Lift Height130mm
Battery Capacity24x230 V/Ah
Fork Dimension64 x 170 x 1125/1171/1173mm