The Yale® FB15-35RZ counterbalanced forklift has been engineered to provide the perfect combination of power, speed, increased battery life and clean performance. Some stand out features include:


  • AC Technology
    Through AC controlled traction and hoist/steer motors, the FB15-35RZ has optimised feedback, providing a rigorous answer to your material handling needs.


  • Brakes
    Regenerative braking enables increased battery life by charging the battery during braking cycles.


  • Steering
    Synchronous steering as standard ensures that the steering wheel always returns to the same position for forward driving after a turn.


  • Ergonomics
    A redesigned unit that looks at the enhancement of mast visibility, increased floor space for comfort and easy on/off access, as well as a rear assist grip with horn for ease of operation in reverse, enables the operator ample allowances for comfort and satisfaction.


  • Stability
    Through the combination of the cornering speed control system and a raised steer axle, the FB15-35RZ has enabled an increase in confidence and ease of operation amongst operators. This is especially the case in fast paced operations, where the guess work is removed.