Low capital outlay with high benefits

Forklift Rental Program is the solution to meet your needs. Long-term rental or leasing can provide flexibility for equipment and a term tailored to your operation. Coupled with a full-service package, your business can meet peak production or seasonal requirements while keeping your fleet size optimized for your everyday needs. Popular rental/leasing options include counterbalanced forklift trucks, pallet trucks and pallet stackers for hire.


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Full Product Range - We can design the optimized solution for your fleet with anything, from a single counter-balanced truck to a complete operational fleet. You can submit us your requirements and we will advise you with the most competitive and suitable solution.

Full Time Flexibility - Our solutions offer a fixed term rental/leasing period from 2 up to 5 years with 100% new units or, alternatively, short term rental with second-hand equipment. If required, we will be flexible with end dates, allowing you to simply extend the contract for longer periods. Month by month.

Easy to arrange - we take care of everything - With a simple monthly fee, Forklift Rental Program guarantees you an all-inclusive service package. After having agreed on levels of uptime for your trucks, through scheduling checks and ordering parts, we will assure your trucks are always operating in peak.

Direct Relationship - Are you concerned of some unknown third-party funder? Do not worry. Your relationship will be directly with us, a reliable and dependable partner, who will benefit of the global financial resources of the NACCO Material Handling Group


You know, you don’t have to purchase…you can just hire a forklift

Why Forklift Rental Program may be the best option for your business?

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Financial reasons

  • Protects your cash reserves - no substantial upfront payment.
  • Improves your cash flow you can use working capital for other areas of your business.
  • Provides an additional line of credit without affecting your existing arrangements.
  • Payments may be offset against tax, where applicable, and protect you against rising interest rates.
  • No additional debt on the balance sheet equipment availability.

Operational reasons

  • Offers you in-built flexibility – it is simple to add or upgrade equipment.
  • One invoice from one supplier: administration becomes simple.
  • Protects against equipment obsolescence. Lower upfront costs enable you to acquire new technology sooner.
  • Provides additional capacity to handle unexpected handling peaks.
  • No long-term acquisition commitment.

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